Cardano User Tools

  • NFT Marketplace


      A smart contract based marketplace for Cardano NFT collections where NFTs are organized by collection., Cardano User Tools.
    • Pergamon Agora

      On-Chain CNFT auctions.

      Pergamon Agora, Cardano User Tools.
      Pergamon Agora
    • Rarety

      A smart-contract-based NFT drop platform designed to make NFT drops more efficient. Operating an NFT launchpad and developing an NFT marketplace.

      Rarety, Cardano User Tools.
    • CNFT.IO

      An NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs at fixed prices. Also offering an escrow service for NFT auctions.

      CNFT.IO, Cardano User Tools.
    • DigiRack

      DigiRack is a Decentralised NFT Marketplace built on the Cardano Blockchain leveraging it’s benefit for a truly secure and scalable NFT Marketplace

      DigiRack, Cardano User Tools.
    • Tokhun

      An NFT marketplace featuring the work of over 100 community curated artists. Also offering highly customizable NFT and FT minting service.

      Tokhun, Cardano User Tools.
    • Genesis House

      An NFT marketplace offering fixed price NFT sales.

      Genesis House, Cardano User Tools.
      Genesis House
    • Artano

      A community-driven NFT marketplace and minting service, focusing on global inclusion and aiming for quality over quantity with NFT creation and sale.

      Artano, Cardano User Tools.
    • Fibo

      An NFT marketplace aiming to connect social conscious artists, musicians, and brands with buyers and sellers.

      Fibo, Cardano User Tools.
    • NFT Jam

      A NFT marketplace offering smart contract and escrow sales, with smart contracts that process multiple assets in one transaction. Also allowing the sale of FTs.

      NFT Jam, Cardano User Tools.
      NFT Jam
    • Cardahub

      A shared liquidity, NFT market smart contract which is used by multiple websites to provide the users the best possible experience.

      Cardahub, Cardano User Tools.
    • Lovada

      A NFT marketplace, with a focus on sustainability, aiming to create a creative community.

      Lovada, Cardano User Tools.
    • Raffleize

      RAFFLEIZE C-A-R-D-A-N-A is tailored for facilitating creation, management of, and participation in online raffles.

      Raffleize, Cardano User Tools.
    • The village of jugglers

      Discord community

      The village of jugglers, Cardano User Tools.
      The village of jugglers
    • TheADA

      TheADA is a Decentralized and Scalable NFT Staking Protocol.

      TheADA, Cardano User Tools.
    • Fraction.Estate

      By removing the middleman, Fraction Estate makes it easier and cheaper for investors to buy and sell fractional real estate

      Fraction.Estate, Cardano User Tools.
    • Epoch Art

      AN NFT marketplace supporting bundles and having a requirement to go through the team to list a project.

      Epoch Art, Cardano User Tools.
      Epoch Art
    • The Art Suite

      NFT marketplace for artists and art - everything from animation, to film, to music, to paintings - donating at least 5% of each sale to social impact projects.

      The Art Suite, Cardano User Tools.
      The Art Suite
    • Jam on Bread

      A smart contract enabled NFT marketplace. 0% fee for NFT sales under 50ada and only verified collections are permitted.

      Jam on Bread, Cardano User Tools.
      Jam on Bread
    • Flipr

      A NFT marketplace marketed as an NFT hub. (Formerly FreeRoam)

      Flipr, Cardano User Tools.
    • Wafini

      A Web 3.0 community driven decentralized NFT Marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens & NFT collectibles where users will be able to mint and trade NFTs.

      Wafini, Cardano User Tools.
  • Ecosystem

    • Built on Cardano

      An organizational system designed to help foster discovery in, and exploration of, the Cardano ecosystem.

      Built on Cardano, Cardano User Tools.
      Built on Cardano
    • Cardano Updates

      A Github commits tracker for all Cardano blockchain development. With daily reports and a 7 day aggregator to track the progress of Cardano's development.

      Cardano Updates, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Updates
    • Building On Cardano

      A website aggregating project building on Cardano. Featuring an interactive ecosystem map and a token list of all the tokens from listed projects.

      Building On Cardano, Cardano User Tools.
      Building On Cardano
    • TADATEK insights

      Provide up-to-date comprehensive informations on the Cardano network in vietnamese

      TADATEK insights, Cardano User Tools.
      TADATEK insights
    • ADAtainment

      Entertaining and informative content, videos and text, describing the various elements of the Cardano-verse in language designed for newcomers.

      ADAtainment, Cardano User Tools.
    • Essential Cardano

      The open-sourced list of project building on Cardano, along with official and community generated resources. Managed by IOHK.

      Essential Cardano, Cardano User Tools.
      Essential Cardano
    • Cardano Feed

      A news aggregator covering every facet of Cardano and ADA news. Read the latest news updates, drawn only from reliable sources.

      Cardano Feed, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Feed
    • CardanoCube

      An ecosystem aggregator listing the projects building on Cardano.

      CardanoCube, Cardano User Tools.
    • Orcfax

      Decentralized Oracle Feeds for Cardano. Validating real-world data from multiple sources with full audit logs to deliver authentic & accurate data.

      Orcfax, Cardano User Tools.
    • DCOne Crypto

      DCOne Crypto - Explore projects on the Cardano Blockchain and provide API, SDK,Payment for users to access Cardano blockchain more easily

      DCOne Crypto, Cardano User Tools.
      DCOne Crypto
    • DCOne Crypto

      DCOne Crypto - Explore projects on the Cardano Blockchain and provide API, SDK,Payment for users to access Cardano blockchain more easily

      DCOne Crypto, Cardano User Tools.
      DCOne Crypto
    • Cardano Journal

      An content aggregator in the Cardano ecosystem.

      Cardano Journal, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Journal
    • DeFiYield.App

      DeFiYield.App is The Biggest DeFi Cross-Chain Asset Management Dashboard, Supporting 25+ Blockchains and 250+ Protocols, including Cardano and its Biggest dApps

      DeFiYield.App, Cardano User Tools.
    • dAppsOnCardano

      Website for insights in to decentralized apps on Cardano blockchain.

      dAppsOnCardano, Cardano User Tools.
    • Coindodo

      Cardano information, social, and media content aggregator, featuring blockchain and ADA data points with links to explorers and other resources.

      Coindodo, Cardano User Tools.
  • Blockchain Explorer


      A toolkit featuring a tool for every level of Cardano user; from an ADA currency converter, to a block explorer, to a developer’s playground., Cardano User Tools.
    • Cardano Blockchain Insights

      Easy to digest visualizations of a huge variety of data points from the Cardano blockchain and Cardano ecosystem over various time periods.

      Cardano Blockchain Insights, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Blockchain Insights
    • Cardano Assets

      A searchable database of all Cardano Assets, both FTs and NFTs, ranking tokens by multiple data points and offering insights into each token.

      Cardano Assets, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Assets
    • Cardanoscan

      A Cardano blockchain explorer with a host of features and blockchain analytics tools. Statistics for the Cardano blockchain, and ADA, are shown on the home page

      Cardanoscan, Cardano User Tools.
    • Native Tokens Dashboard

      A list of all Cardano native tokens and transactions involving them along with minting and burning statistic, in both daily and monthly graphs, for the network.

      Native Tokens Dashboard, Cardano User Tools.
      Native Tokens Dashboard
    • Cardano Blockchain Intelligence

      An overview of blockchain and stake pool data points, also offering the user the opportunity to explore the metadata on Cardano.

      Cardano Blockchain Intelligence, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Blockchain Intelligence
    • AdaStat

      Statistics for stake pool operators and ada holders.

      AdaStat, Cardano User Tools.

      Real-time data visualization of block reward distribution, stake movements, and overall staking statistics. Data is available back to Epoch 208., Cardano User Tools.
    • Raw Cardano Explorer

      Raw Cardano Explorer is a simple and fast app to search the Cardano Blockchain data.

      Raw Cardano Explorer, Cardano User Tools.
      Raw Cardano Explorer
    • Cardano Explorer

      An IOG supported block explorer allowing the user to search for and browse epochs, blocks, addresses, and transactions.

      Cardano Explorer, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Explorer

      The portfolio Manager and Tracker on Cardano Ecossystem, Cardano User Tools.

      An intuitive (and pleasantly soothing) visualization of the contents of each block on the Cardano blockchain along with data points for that block., Cardano User Tools.
    • Milkomeda C1 Explorer

      The block and transaction explorer for the EVM-based Milkomeda C1 sidechain.

      Milkomeda C1 Explorer, Cardano User Tools.
      Milkomeda C1 Explorer

      A feature rich block and transaction explorer for the Cardano blockchain, featuring a unique Richlist tool. (formerly, Cardano User Tools.
  • Staking

    • ADA Pools

      An independent tool containing a wealth of blockchain metrics and explorers, with a focus around stake pools.

      ADA Pools, Cardano User Tools.
      ADA Pools
    • Stakeboard

      A social marketplace for the new economy that reDeFines the staking experience by connecting stakeholders in the Cardano network.

      Stakeboard, Cardano User Tools.
    • CardaStat

      Search and compare stake pools by ticker symbol. View current, annual, and 30 day statistics side-by-side, and calculate potential rewards from previous epochs.

      CardaStat, Cardano User Tools.
    • Cardano Stake Pool Explorer

      Cardano Stake Pool Explorer, check the best Pool for Staking with Ada. Ada Stake Pool Explorer.

      Cardano Stake Pool Explorer, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Stake Pool Explorer
    • Adafolio

      Curate portfolios of pools and use them to spread stake across multiple stake pools. This functionality will soon be available on Cardano.

      Adafolio, Cardano User Tools.

      Helping community pools provide delegator with NFT based rewards for staking each epoch., Cardano User Tools.
    • StakingDAO

      Simplifying Stake, Supporting Decentralisation! Make A Basket, Pick A Pool Group, The DAO Does The Rest!

      StakingDAO, Cardano User Tools.
    • Cardano Advisor Bot

      Helping everyone to find the best pools for their delegation according to data gathered from their Twitter timeline, taking into account pool performance too.

      Cardano Advisor Bot, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Advisor Bot
    • PoolTool

      PoolTool offers up realtime and historical stats on block production, staking rewards, and the health of the Cardano network.

      PoolTool, Cardano User Tools.
    • Delegation Tracker

      View individual stake pool statistics for every pool supporting the Cardano network, and compare multiple (or all) pools in a spreadsheet format.

      Delegation Tracker, Cardano User Tools.
      Delegation Tracker

      Searchable and limitable stake pools data points, viewable in both table and heat map formats., Cardano User Tools.
    • Pool Peek

      A stake pool explorer with a focus on encouraging the discovery of smaller pools through randomized results. Featuring a staking calculator and reward tracker.

      Pool Peek, Cardano User Tools.
      Pool Peek
    • The Art Bank

      The Art Bank is a web3 incubator that supports and invests in the arts, platforms, and creators leading the digital renaissance.

      The Art Bank, Cardano User Tools.
      The Art Bank
  • NFT Explorer

    • Ex.plorer

      Explore NFTs by asset and policy ID, and export or explore their metadata. View the assets held by a wallet and a stream of the most recently minted NFTs.

      Ex.plorer, Cardano User Tools.
    • Minterr

      An NFT and fungible token minting tool, served up alongside a token explorer and a live, visual, feed of the all the tokens minted in each block.

      Minterr, Cardano User Tools.
    • CNFT Jungle

      A real-time, NFT database and rarity dashboard. Explore and refine NFT collections, discover rarity stats, and find NFTs for sale across multiple marketplaces.

      CNFT Jungle, Cardano User Tools.
      CNFT Jungle
    • CNFT Predator

      CNFT Predator is a Chrome Extensions that allows you to get alerts for new listings below a certain price, rarity, or for specific traits.

      CNFT Predator, Cardano User Tools.
      CNFT Predator
    • OpenCNFT

      Ranking Cardano NFT projects by sales volume, floor price, and quantity of NFTs sold. Metrics are available over various time periods. 3k projects and counting.

      OpenCNFT, Cardano User Tools.
    • ArgusNFT

      ArgusNFT is driving adoption of Cardano NFTs by building innovative tools and market infrastructure.

      ArgusNFT, Cardano User Tools.

      Explore NFT collections by rarity, price, and serial #. Users can also refine their search using traits unique to a collection and find their perfect NFT.

      CNFT.TOOLS, Cardano User Tools.
    • CNFT Hub

      A hub for Cardano NFT news with a own minting engine for creators. They also list multiple different resources for NFTs on Cardano and other Cardano resources.

      CNFT Hub, Cardano User Tools.
      CNFT Hub
    • Handle.Tools

      Check if an ADA handle is available, currently listed for sale on a marketplace or has been minted. Search & filter listings and sales activity.

      Handle.Tools, Cardano User Tools.

      Cataloging all the on-chain NFTs released on Cardano.

       CNFT ONCHAIN, Cardano User Tools.
    • Mardano

      A native token and NFT explorer on Cardano. Live Prices, Charts and Metadata

      Mardano, Cardano User Tools.
    • NFTSeeker

      A suite of NFT tools for both users and projects. Offering users tools to track, purchase and monitor NFTs, and projects a minting engine and Discord bot.

      NFTSeeker, Cardano User Tools.
  • Calendar

    • Wen CNFT

      A list of ongoing and upcoming NFT drops. Featuring a list of past drops and information on how to buy, view, mint, sell, and avoid fake/duplicate NFTs.

      Wen CNFT, Cardano User Tools.
      Wen CNFT
    • DropCNFT

      Discover NFT drops on the Cardano Blockchain.

      DropCNFT, Cardano User Tools.
    • NFT Sailing

      A clean, elegant, and accessible NFT Calendar. Discover Cardano NFT drops now.

      NFT Sailing, Cardano User Tools.
      NFT Sailing
    • CNFT World

      A calendar of NFT drops and a selection of interviews with selected NFT creators and project teams.

      CNFT World, Cardano User Tools.
      CNFT World
    • Cardano Countdown Tool

      Counting down the time left in Cardano's current epoch, providing the start and end times of the current epoch in the browser's local time.

      Cardano Countdown Tool, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Countdown Tool
    • CNFT Calendar

      A list of upcoming Cardano NFT drops that can be viewed in calendar format. Also featuring a NFT project explorer.

      CNFT Calendar, Cardano User Tools.
      CNFT Calendar
    • Cardano Epoch Calendar

      A calendar where the start of each epoch is clearly marked and stamped with its UTC start time and which epoch's rewards are distributed on that day.

      Cardano Epoch Calendar, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Epoch Calendar
    • nextCNFT

      A CNFT Drop calendar that lists CNFT drops on the Cardano blockchain. Explore the direct project links featuring countdowns for each drop.

      nextCNFT, Cardano User Tools.
    • NFT Calendar

      A multi-chain NFT drop calendar with a section dedicated to upcoming Cardano NFT drops.

      NFT Calendar, Cardano User Tools.
      NFT Calendar

      Helping users of Cardano to find latest Cardano Initial Stake Offering (ISPO) projects.

      ISPO.ONLINE, Cardano User Tools.
  • Wallet

    • ADAM

      A free Android app for monitoring the state of Cardano, viewing the contents of any wallet, and all the statistics you could want associated with it.

      ADAM, Cardano User Tools.
    • Machada

      Machada helps you monitor your Cardano wallet and automate flows based on it.

      Machada, Cardano User Tools.
    • WalletBud

      A wallet alerts bot for Discord. Get notifications about incoming wallet activity for up to 3 different Cardano wallets.

      WalletBud, Cardano User Tools.
    • ApeWatch

      Monitor the total value of the holdings of any Cardano wallet.

      ApeWatch, Cardano User Tools.
    • Mercury Chat

      A wallet-to-wallet messaging system for Cardano that can be integrated into dApps.

      Mercury Chat, Cardano User Tools.
      Mercury Chat
    • Atrium Lab

      A data and feature rich wallet management app that acts like your Cardano wallet and offers incentives for certain actions and encourages a fairer experience.

      Atrium Lab, Cardano User Tools.
      Atrium Lab
  • NFT Minting

    • Cardano Tools

      A NFT minting, burning, registering, and viewing platform aiming to make NFTs more accessible.

      Cardano Tools, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Tools

      A lightweight and simple PWA that allow users to anonymously mint NFTs on the Cardano blockchain from any device.

      NFT-MACHINE, Cardano User Tools.
    • CardanoSounds

      Building a decentralized sound library with a user owned platform.

      CardanoSounds, Cardano User Tools.
    • Hydragames

      HYDRAGAMES next phase is now on the move, converging Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Crypto Game, which is a groundbreaking fusion of two dynamic and transfor

      Hydragames, Cardano User Tools.
    • Cardano Studio

      Create and mint NFTs on Cardano all in your browser for a very small fee - without trusting a third party for minting.

      Cardano Studio, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Studio
    • NFT Gift Cards

      Customize NFT Gift Cards on the Cardano Blockchain

      NFT Gift Cards, Cardano User Tools.
      NFT Gift Cards
  • Project Catalyst

    • The Catalyst School

      A platform providing informative and educational materials for all participants of Project Catalyst. Showing them how to optimize their Catalyst experience.

      The Catalyst School, Cardano User Tools.
      The Catalyst School

      Sponsors of the Catalyst network and researchers in the collective intelligence and distributed governance space., Cardano User Tools.
    • Lido Nation

      A platform for Cardano education, featuring community contributed content, project reviews, and a explorer of Project Catalyst proposals from all funding rounds

      Lido Nation, Cardano User Tools.
      Lido Nation
    • Cardano Catalyst Community Site

      An informative website that provides easily navigable documentation for Project Catalyst. A fantastic resource for those new to Project Catalyst!

      Cardano Catalyst Community Site, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Catalyst Community Site
    • Catalyst Explorer

      Catalyst Explorer lets you explore Catalyst Proposals, teams and users via advance sorts and filters.

      Catalyst Explorer, Cardano User Tools.
      Catalyst Explorer
  • Defense System

    • CRCI

      An individual using a proprietary rating system to rank and score DeFi projects on Cardano.

      CRCI, Cardano User Tools.
    • Cardano Phishing Bot

      A twitter account tracking and posting about giveaway scams on Cardano.

      Cardano Phishing Bot, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Phishing Bot
    • StateofCardano

      A Twitter bot posting the state of decentralization (Nakamoto Coefficient) of the Cardano network, and the share of stake, every epoch. Under construction.

      StateofCardano, Cardano User Tools.
    • Xerberus

      Completing risk analysis of the token distribution of Cardano projects. Also the creators of a "wallet watcher" alert system monitoring the movement of token

      Xerberus, Cardano User Tools.
    • DYOR Tool

      A tool featuring report templates to help users do their own research on projects in Cardano. Users can also review reports created by others.

      DYOR Tool, Cardano User Tools.
      DYOR Tool
  • Calculator


      See a summary of assets, liquidity, loans, art and property for multiple wallets in a single page flow. One for the bookmarks to track DeFi / ReFi progress., Cardano User Tools.
    • Cardano Gainz Calculator

      An ADA staking calculator displaying yearly and monthly rewards for a staking amount, in ADA and USD, at the current market rate with an epoch payday countdown.

      Cardano Gainz Calculator, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Gainz Calculator
    • The Adalator

      A tool for calculating the prospective value of ADA holdings with multiple, adjustable variables to make calculations as accurate as possible.

      The Adalator, Cardano User Tools.
      The Adalator
    • ADA Staking Calculator

      Project the future valve of your ADA holdings. Edit multiple metics: timespan, price, investment, and more; to receive live outputs of projected future value.

      ADA Staking Calculator, Cardano User Tools.
      ADA Staking Calculator
  • Social

    • Cardano Tip Bot

      A tip bot that allows you to easily tip ADA and HOSKY tokens to other users on Twitter and Discord.

      Cardano Tip Bot, Cardano User Tools.
      Cardano Tip Bot
    • Linkberry

      Join the Linkberry community and transform your social media engagement into a powerful source of income.

      Linkberry, Cardano User Tools.
  • Identity

    • Pet Registry

      A blockchain alternative to microchipping pets that is cheaper and much easier to update. Geo-location pings are sent to owners when a pet's QR code is scanned.

      Pet Registry, Cardano User Tools.
      Pet Registry
    • IdentityToken

      IdentityToken is an idea, the idea of owning your identity and bringing it with you. Eliminating the need for custodians managing your identity.

      IdentityToken, Cardano User Tools.
  • Organizations

    • Cardanians

      A group of Cardano enthusiasts and ambassadors providing content and offering consultations.

      Cardanians, Cardano User Tools.
    • blocktrust

      Blocktrust is building identity solutions on top of **Atala PRISM**

      blocktrust, Cardano User Tools.