Lido Nation

A platform for Cardano education, featuring community contributed content, project reviews, and a explorer of Project Catalyst proposals from all funding rounds

Lido Nation is building a global community of users who contribute informational and educational content to the site. Lido Nation have a token, Phuffy coin, that is distributed to delegators of the LIDO pool each time they mint a block. These tokens can be used to vote for which charitable causes are donated to from the staking rewards set aside for just that. The goal is that Phuffy coin will become the governance coin of a Phuffy Coin DAO and from there everything will be community led.

Lido Nation hosts an intuitively searchable list of all the Project Catalyst proposals that have been submitted to Project Catalyst. These can be sorted by fund, challenge, and whether or not they were funded. A search bar allows users to search for anything amongst the proposals and displays results live to the user. There is a treasury dashboard that gives details of the challenges of the most recently completed Catalyst funding round and lists all the projects that won funding in that round.

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