Cardano Games & Gaming


    • Aedou - Realm of Languages

      A collaborative, multiplayer game for learning languages together like you would travel to an L1-country with constant support and adapting complexity.

      Aedou - Realm of Languages, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Cornucopias

      A play-to-earn, learn-to-earn, and build-to-earn MMORPG located in the ever expanding metaverse of 'The Island', featuring: themed zones, mini games, and NFTs.

      Cornucopias, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Cardania

      A metaverse and game ecosystem.

      Cardania, Cardano Metaverse.
    • Bears Club

      A play-to-earn, “club simulation” NFT game where players create and customize their own clubs, and interact inside the game space.

      Bears Club, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • CryptoPetz

      CryptoPetz is an Axie Infinity and Pokemon inspired, community driven, tournament style RPG game.

      CryptoPetz, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • ADA Warriors

      ADA Warriors is a Metaverse Project and a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). Adventure in the Fantasy World/Dark Realm.

      ADA Warriors, Cardano Metaverse.

      IRONSKY NFT game P2E build on Cardano | Spaceship battle and discovery galaxy gaming

      IRONSKY, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Adaverse

      An NFT game in which players stake claims on planets. Gamification of 5 NFT series is under development with clanning and battling in its prospective future.

      Adaverse, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Drunken Dragon: Inns and Quests

      Own and managed your inn or tavern and host characters who sit, drink, merry-make, and wait in anticipation for the offer of quests.

      Drunken Dragon: Inns and Quests, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Trading Cards

    • AdaCards

      Designed specifically for the Cardano blockchain, these trading cards showcase community-run stake pools and can be used in the Fantasy Staking NFT game.

      AdaCards, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • NFT Fighters

      A cross-project NFT Game and Gaming Ecosystem aiming to provide a shared platform where NFTs from different projects can interact with each other.

      NFT Fighters, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Duelist King

      A blockchain agnostic, decentralized, NFT card game with a focus on community involvement. Join Little John in his quest to find the Dualist King’s Holy Chest.

      Duelist King, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • AdaQuest

      On the Ada discworld four races battle with each other, using NFT trading cards, to be the first to put together the Goguen Stone and become the ruler of Ada.

      AdaQuest, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Cardacity

      A trading card puzzle game where the cards (NFTs) represent real world cities. These can be collected, traded, and used to complete puzzles to earn rarer cards.

      Cardacity, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Dracards

      Dracards is a TCG (Trading Card Game) on Cardano network that features its own Metaverse.

      Dracards, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • CardanoMonsters

      A trading card game where NFT cards, of varying rarity, are periodically released in “Sets” with a game under development

      CardanoMonsters, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • jetchicken

      A collectible trading card game of fungible tokens, FTs, and non fungible tokens, NFTs, sold in digital packs in the same way physical trading cards are.

      jetchicken, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Adamon

      Explore the map to find wild Adamons, battle them capture them, mint them, and then use them in battle against other users in multiplayer mode.

      Adamon, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • RPG

    • HashGuardians

      HashGuardians Universe is a 2D Action RPG built on the Cardano blockchain. Join us in the HashGuardians Universe for quests, mini-games and adventures!

      HashGuardians, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • CryptoDino

      A cataclysmic event has caused the Dino's to leave their world in search for a new one. Collect all the CryptoDino's and play with them to earn rewards!

      CryptoDino, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • PlanetPalz

      A play-to-earn, battle RPG game featuring equip-able NFT planets and multiple game modes.

      PlanetPalz, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Cardano Warriors

      Set on the islands of Cardânia, the splintered remain's of a chaos containing, meteor struck planet, Cardano Warriors is an old-school, in-browser RPG.

      Cardano Warriors, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Cardano Tales

      A role-playing game, RPG, played in a web browser and set in a labyrinth of caves, The Dark BlockCave Maze, underneath the Free Kingdom.

      Cardano Tales, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Wizard Crypt

      A browser-based, exploration-focused, party-building RPG. The first NFT drop for the game consists of 15,555 CSS animated spells for the game.

      Wizard Crypt, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Langarnia

      Do you remember the last time you enjoyed learning? Let us show you how we imagine learning a new foreign language!

      Langarnia, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Strategy

    • ZiberBugs

      ZiberBugs is a PvP focused, competitive autobattler created for gamers, aspiring to greatly increase the number of professional gamers in the world.

      ZiberBugs, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • World of Pirates

      A turn-based, strategy NFT game where players can influence the game's direction and have an impact on the game world's problems.

      World of Pirates, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • MechVerse

      A blockchain-enabled fictional universe inspired in “near future space exploration“. A strategy, NFT game.

      MechVerse, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Mocossi

      Far beyond an NFT collection, Mocossi will soon be a "Play and Earn" virtual pet game and farming simulation game on Cardano Blockchain.

      Mocossi, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Game Ecosystem

    • Cardano Lands

      Cardano Lands is a CNFT DeFi platform where users can stake NFTs from supported collections to earn passive income.

      Cardano Lands, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • PlayerMint

      A built-in, gamer reward system where players are rewarded in PlayerMint’s native token for their accomplishments in participating games.

      PlayerMint, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Worlds Within

      A collection of 13,000 1 of 1 randomly created virtual reality-ready worlds, Worlds Within has towering mushrooms, pyramids, forests, and much more.

      Worlds Within, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • MAGMA

      MAGMA is the currency that powers The Verse, an upcoming multiverse platform.

      MAGMA, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Scrolling 2D

    • CryptoRaggies

      A gamified NFT collection based on the rag doll breed of cat.

      CryptoRaggies, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Vaca Ninja

      The most bovine #CNFT #PlayToEarn project in town.

      Vaca Ninja, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • ADAZOO

      A game set on the Archipelago Adalantica, where all the animals (NFTs) have escaped from the zoo on Byron Isle.

      ADAZOO, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Retro

    • CHRZ

      A retro maze action game stored entirely on-chain. Play to mint your own NFT version.

      CHRZ, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • BRKZ

      A bricks game who's code is stored entirely on-chain. Existing as NFTs on the blockchain.

      BRKZ, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • PengEgg

      Race against the clock to crack the egg to be able to mint a 3D penguin NFT.

      PengEgg, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Racing

    • CARdano4SPEED

      A play-to-earn NFT game where NFT owners race their car against others to earn XP points and prizes. Cars can be customized and rented to other racers.

      CARdano4SPEED, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Xrace

      Play to earn racing game built for the Cardano blockchain utilizing NFTs as raceable assets.

      Xrace, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Organizations

    • Blockchaingames

      Creating mobile games on top of Cardano with in-game NFTs.

      Blockchaingames, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    • Gamez on Chain

      Developer of retro game NFTs that live fully on-chain. Play-to-mint NFTs.

      Gamez on Chain, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Board Game

    • NanoChess

      A 100% on-chain chess game built into an NFT collection.

      NanoChess, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Gambling

    • Ridotto

      A cross-chain gambling & lottery protocol that offers users the possibility to play & build games without any requirements.

      Ridotto, Cardano Games & Gaming.

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