Vaca Ninja

The most bovine #CNFT #PlayToEarn project in town.

Vaca Ninja - Infinity Worlds is a platform game where players pay to play in order to accrue rewards. The Player's goal is to be ranked in purpose-built mini-games called Stages. The Stages are community built using the StageBuilder tool. The Players building Stages are called Architects. Players may use default ninja characters which possess minimal powers, weapons and stamina; or they can use NFTs to increase their chance of success.

The excellence obtained by skilled and dedicated gamers is not properly rewarded in the traditional games. Vaca Ninja - Infinity Worlds has the mission of providing a cool strategy-and-skill game where Stage Architects and Players have incentives to engage in the game.

Vaca means cow in Portuguese and Spanish. We want to give a mystery vibe to our characters, not exposing what they are for all non (spanish and portuguese) speakers. This is intended to create some curiosity and uniqueness to our project. Cows are hardly known by their lightness, agility and killer instinct; or basically any attribute we give to ninjas. That means they have to put a double effort to master their craft. Hard work beats talent. Last time I heard, to be a prosperous player mastering (or exposing) the shortfalls of the bovine condition is a must.

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