Boost Your Project

Increase any project’s exposure to our users by highlighting it in specific searches conducted on Built on Cardano.
1.This makes your project stand out from the crowd of search results in a professional and eye-catching manner.
2.Boosting a project is search specific, meaning that you choose which search terms your project is boosted for. Allowing you to promote your project to users who are searching for projects exactly like yours.

What's included?

Highlighted Search Results:A boosted project’s logo will be enlarged to fill the result card of that project. In most cases, the background will also be the brand color of the project to further enhance its appearance.

Focus Project:When a user conducts a search on our site they are presented with search results (always organized randomly for impartiality) and a randomly selected project called the “Focus Project”. This fills the top ⅓ of the screen, displaying a larger version of that project’s logo along with their 160 character description and an “Explore” button to take users straight to their page. A boosted project is significantly more likely to be featured as this "Focus Project”.

Community research:When a project accumulates over 3000ADA in boosts we will create a bounty of 500ADA to incentivize independent community members to create unique content around that specific project.

Who can Boost a Project?

Anyone can boost a project on Built on Cardano! The boosting process is indiscriminate of an individual’s involvement with a project.

Part of the Team:If you’re a member of a project’s team: project owner, marketing manager, CEO, COO, CMO, etc; you can use our boost function to increase the exposure of your project and to get it in front of more users of Cardano.

HODLers and Supporters:If you’re a supporter, HODLer, or user of a project and think that it would benefit from greater exposure then you can also use our boost function to increase that project’s exposure.

What's Not Included

Boosting a project does not give you ultimate control over the content. If you created the listing it still has to abide by our content guidelines. If you did not create it and you would like to see it updated, please reach out to us on Twitter: @CardanoBuilt or via email: once you’ve created your boost.

A boosted project is significantly more likely to be featured as the "focus project" when a user initiates a search on the site. This means that, when the user conducts a search for a term that your project is boost for then, your project is significantly more likely to appear at the top of the screen, where a larger version of the project’s logo, complete with the project’s 160 character description, and an “Explore” button are displayed.

Boosting a project does not mean preferential treatment toward your project. Our duty is to the community and we are not a tool for "shilling" projects (you can pay YouTubers for that). Our site will always contain the truth about projects and boosting a project does not mean we are required to remove any truthful comments you may deem as negative on a project’s listing.


Each term is individually priced and prices are dynamic, reflecting a variety of metrics, with the main influencing factor being the current popularity of that term.

Each term is priced per-week, and you can freely select how many weeks you want your project to be boosted for. Allowing your boost to cover specific periods of your project’s development that may be of interest to users, bringing you greater exposure at critical times for your project.

All boosts are priced and paid for in ADA.