Built on Cardano

An organizational system designed to help foster discovery in, and exploration of, the Cardano ecosystem.

You found us! Welcome!

Well, seeing as we’re a part of the Cardano ecosystem we thought we should put an about us on here too; you can also go to our FAQ page for some more details but most of it is summed up here, be it in a friendlier, more colloquial manner.

Built on Cardano a.k.a BoC, as we friendly refer to it- was birthed as an idea when we saw a widening gap between the growing Cardano ecosystem and the availability of unbiased, well organized information on everything in the space. Yes, the shareable ecosystem maps that are omnipresent in your Twitter feed are good, but what does a picture of a bunch of logos actually tell you?

We devised a solution to this problem; Built on Cardano was born! Now we’re here; writing about ourselves….

BoC is designed to be an organized, easily navigable, and unobtrusive map of the Cardano ecosystem filled, much like a physical land map is, with unbiased content.

Words such as rolodex and Wikipedia-esq have been thrown around in some phone calls but we don’t think we fit either of these models. A rolodex is too basic and not information rich enough. Wikipedia is too in-depth and, well, it’s the world’s most used and trusted knowledge source; that’s hard to compete with. Whilst these are good models to work from we’re going to do what suits the requirements of reaching our goal and forge our own path as we;

  • document
  • organize
  • map
  • and display

the wonderfully vibrant world of Cardano for others to explore and discover.

What is our goal? Our goal is:

To provide unbiased content and stats through an aesthetically minimalist and intuitive interface, providing others with a way of cutting through the b—$—t and discovering what is happening in the burgeoning Cardano ecosystem.

We also wholeheartedly believe in the Cardano mission of "bringing about positive global change". In order to facilitate that change people need somewhere to go to find those other people who are making the effort to make a difference. We want to provide that door into the Cardano ecosystem.

A door which everyone can walk through and not feel flattened by too much technical information or too many flashy images, and provide a space where users can navigate and discover their own path through the ecosystem, whether they just be perusing or looking for a solution to a particular problem.


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