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November 4, 2022

Focusing on the Decentralized Mission: Built on Cardano Announces Partnership with Xerberus

A partnership between decentralized risk rating organization, Xerberus, and a community contributed source of truth for Cardano projects, Built on Cardano.

November 3, 2022

The 9 Crypto Red Flags


Learn what red flags crypto projects can raise and what parts of a project they relate to. Keep yourself safe by keeping yourself informed and always DYOR!

October 21, 2022

What Can You Do on Cardano?


Learn, without difficult technical terms, what you can do on Cardano, whether Cardano has any partnerships, and the answer to: does Cardano have a future?

October 10, 2022

The Ultimate NFT Degen Guide for Cardano


A guide for all the Cardano NFT degens and newbies. Featuring all the Cardano NFT tools you need including: calendars for upcoming NFT drops, NFT alert systems, Cardano NFT marketplaces, Cardano NFT explorers, and more tools for Cardano NFT fanatics!

September 26, 2022

The Future of Scaling on Cardano


A look at the sidechains on Cardano along with the rollups being introduced to Cardano and the state channel technology that will help Cardano scale into the future.

August 15, 2022

How to avoid Escrow Scams: Featuring Cardano Multisig Services


See what multissig Cardano services are available for you trade assets as well as which Cardano NFT marketplaces you can use to trade your NFTs via smart contract.

July 20, 2022

How to Find Your NFT Files in the IPFS (A Step-by-Step Guide)


Learn how to find NFT image files in the IPFS. Get your Cardano NFT's full resolution image from the IPFS by finding the NFT's metadata in a block explorer.

June 26, 2022

Best Practices for Storing a Wallet’s Mnemonic (Recovery Seed)


Learn the best practices for storing your wallet's recovery seed and keeping your mnemonic safe.

June 4, 2022

The Results of Combing for Cardano DeFi


Looking through other resources for DeFi on Cardano brought us some surprising results.

May 24, 2022

How to Create an Eternl Wallet

Wallet Guides

A step-by-step guide for how to create a Cardano wallet using the Eternl wallet.

May 10, 2022

Let’s Talk About ADALend


A blog post diving into the proposed lending protocol, called ADALend, supposedly being built on the Cardano blockchain.

May 3, 2022

Two New and Questionable Cardano Projects: Part 2 Digirack


Details of the red flags raised by Digirack making it a potential scam in the Cardano ecosystem.

May 1, 2022

Two New and Questionable Cardano Projects: Part 1 Cardalonia


Is Cardalonia a Scam? And what makes this Cardano-based project specifically so interesting?

April 13, 2022

Cue Club Continued


A review of our contact with Cue Club, and other materials found since the release of our “Cue Club: Another Potential Scam” article just over 3 weeks ago.

April 11, 2022

How to Stake on Cardano


Learn about the benefits of staking for both you and the Cardano network and learn how to stake the Cardano coin ADA from your Cardano wallet so that you can earn passive income in the form of staking rewards.

March 24, 2022

Built on Cardano Partners with Smart Contract Audit Token to Promote and Grow an Informed Ecosystem

Built on Cardano's first partnership in the Cardano ecosystem with Smart Contract Audit Token, SCATDAO, promoting and maintaining a healthier, more robust, and safer ecosystem.

March 22, 2022

Cue Club: Another Potential Scam


Cue Club is a new project in the Cardano ecosystem that shows up some large red flags for potential investors.

March 20, 2022

Ravendex: A Scam? An Investment Opportunity? Or Just Another DEX?


An article discuss the red flags of the potential Cardano scam Ravendex. Linked by a prolific community scam hunter to a "Cartel" that has conducted many rug pulls and exit scams in their time.

February 12, 2022

Using The Built on Cardano Flavor of Markdown

Learn how to use markdown on Built on Cardano to display your project, skill, stake pool, or organization at its utmost best! (no coding knowledge required!)

January 2, 2022

Concurrency and Cardano: A Problem, a Challenge, or Nothing to Worry About?


What is concurrency in Cardano? How does it affect transacting on Cardano? We answer these questions and summarize all the solutions being developed by the dApps building on Cardano.

December 9, 2021

Introducing: The Alonzo Graduation NFT Collection

NFT Collections

An NFT collection crafted by Built on Cardano feature the projects building in Cardano ecosystem around the time of the Alonzo hardfork.

December 9, 2021

The Language of Cardano


Organizing the decentralized Cardano ecosystem we found an interesting web of words emerging from the terms used to describe the projects building on Cardano.

December 9, 2021

Our Founding Principles

The founding principles of Built on Cardano, cataloging and organizing the decentralized ecosystem of Cardano, and those building on it, in an unbiased manner.

December 3, 2021

The Built on Cardano Vision and Mission Statement

The mission and vision of the Cardano ecosystem cataloguer and organizer Built on Cardano; organizing a decentralized world.