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The Future of Scaling on Cardano

A look at the sidechains on Cardano along with the rollups being introduced to Cardano and the state channel technology that will help Cardano scale into the future.

The difficulties involved in scaling a decentralized protocol, like Cardano, are often described as the blockchain trilemma which says:

A decentralized network can only excel in two of three of the most desirable properties of a decentralized network: security, scalability, and decentralization; and in order to excel at two of them it must forgo the third.

The developers and users of blockchains want their networks to stay decentralized while increase their scalability - the amount of transactions they can process in a certain amount of time, often measured in Transactions Per Second (TPS) - without losing any of the security properties that are key to keeping all the users and their funds safe from malicious entities.

Ben Beddow

Ben Beddow

5 min read