December 9, 2021

Our Founding Principles

Ben Beddow

Ben Beddow


Like many in the Cardano ecosystem, we at Built on Cardano are striving to help others understand and navigate the decentralized world that is being built, bit by bit, by so many hands and minds around the globe.

As we have grown we have recognized that we have developed principles that we believe will help us in our goal of providing the highest quality of information and best user experience possible for our users. These principles are -to use corporate speak- our “core values”, and we state them here in keeping with the decentralized spirit of open-source; believing that our users deserve to be able to view the foundations on which we’re built. These principles help us align with our mission and vision and posting them here pushes us stay true to our word.

Here you will find no political or cultural statements of inclusivity. Inclusivity sits at the very core of the decentralize movement and these values are, in good faith, automatically assumed of the peoples who operate here. Our decentralization, by nature, aims to empower everybody and exclude nobody.

Organizing the Decentralized

Without a centralized core to revolve around the decentralized world (even that of Cardano with the Cardano Foundation and IOHK somewhat steering the ship) is fragmented and inherently difficult to navigate. Many breaks exist between one point and the next and it is often difficult for users, both new and veteran, to make the informational and navigational leaps between point A and point B.

Built on Cardano aims to provide organization by building bridges between points A and B, and points A and C, and points B and C, and so on and so forth. This organization enables users to more efficiently engage with the decentralized space and discover what lies within.

The Ability to Explore

In the inherently unorganized decentralized space users find one tool that suits their need and often stop there; because finding others often means starting the whole searching process over again. Built on Cardano aims to expedite the finding of what an individual is searching for but, also, once it has been found, we want to enable easy exploration of the surrounding and related decentralized space. Allowing the user to walk as far away as they want and still trace their way back to their starting point.

Exploration and discovery are key to learning and developing a greater understanding.

Not a Walled Garden

It will always be free for anyone to list a project on Built on Cardano, thus contributing to the organizing of this decentralized world. We only ask that user contributed content be aligned with our content guideline.

Information Driven Not Sales Driven

Our content will never be focused around capitalist means and we will never accept payments for the creation of sale driving content. The purpose of our content will never be to drive sales or encourage our readers to buy something. Our content’s purpose will be the opposite and will be designed to inform the reader without presenting a bias.

For The Community

We exist for the community and the needs of the community are a factor in every decision we make. We are listening to what users at all levels of the community are asking for and responding in due course as we continue along the path of organizing the decentralized.

A Safe Space

All of the above mentioned principles guide us to this, our final and most grounding principle:

Providing as safe a space as possible for users to navigate the decentralized world of Cardano.

A decentralized world must regulate itself and it is for this purpose that we define our founding principles and open-source them here. If we are to successfully provide a safe space for the community to both contribute and navigate the world of Cardano we feel that the above principles must be adhered to.

In creating this safe space we must also recognize that the lack of organization and regulation in a decentralized world provides more nooks and crannies for malicious actors to live in and to exploit. Throughout our site we strive to create a safe space for the user by raising red flags when we see them, clearly flagging unverified content, and by providing educational and informative piece -such as this one- that users can use to arm themselves with knowledge against malicious actors.

Will we eliminate rug-pulls, malicious acts, and other defamations of the inclusive and selfless aspirations of the decentralized space? No, as for good to exist so must evil. But we will always strive to provide the safest space possible for people to explore and discover what Cardano has to offer the world of the present and the future!

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