A globally distributed, blockchain infrastructure and engineering company. The creators and developers of the Cardano blockchain.

IOHK are the developers of the Cardano blockchain and primary contributors to the development of the Ethereum Classic blockchain. Their stated mission is to create a:

more connected, transparent and fair configuration for both the flow of ideas and value.

Distilled down into tangible, real world talk:

IOHK wants to contribute to global development in this crucial time of global technological growth by building the platforms, financial and otherwise, to combine the developing world system -of no banks, no insurance, no identity, no credit, little wealth creation and even lower levels of wealth security- with the developed world system; where all of these are ubiquitous. Their vision is that this will be done by pushing power to the edges and putting people in charge of their own money, identity, and their own governance. Creating a better system for a better world where both the rich and poor people use the same system that is beneficial to everyone.

How Do We Get There?

The road IOHK is following toward this goal is one that begins with a solid base of academic research, rigorously peer-reviewed and tested before being considered for implementation. IOHK benefits from a globally decentralized research team, supplemented by multiple, global university partnerships, providing the company with a diverse array of talent, experience, and, arguably the most important, cultural perspectives.

Peer Reviewed Library

Currently IOHK’s library of published academic papers numbers at over 100, ranging from papers that cover the development of the proof of stake protocol, Ouroboros, that underpins the Cardano blockchain, to papers covering the development of an efficient poker protocol for a decentralized, distributed ledger. These papers are not solely focused on the development of blockchain technology but also on discovering its flaws and uncovering ways of protecting protocols from attack.

Solutions for Business and Government

Through Atala PRISM IOHK offers multiple enterprise blockchain solutions covering everything from supply chain traceability for food and verifiability for unique and luxury goods, to decentralized identity and credential management that secures users’ identity and academic credentials in a verifiable, decentralized manner.

IOHK is currently in partnership with the Ethiopian Government, creating a blockchain based system for tracking student performance.


The “fathers” of Cardano, IOHK, are the developers of the Cardano blockchain and those responsible for developing, deciding on, and overseeing the implementation of protocol upgrades i.e. hardforks. They provide developers with a multitude of tools that can be used to interact with and build on top of the Cardano blockchain. These range from oracles to wallet backend databases.

IOHK are also the developers and maintainers of the Daedalus Wallet a full-node wallet for Cardano.

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