Content Guidelines

We hope you will contribute to Built on Cardano, the map of the Cardano ecosystem where users, both new and veteran, can explore how the future is being built on the Cardano blockchain and discover the tools that will help them become a part of the future.

Whilst we want to provide you, the project contributor, with the freedom to express yourself we have found that it is necessary that we impose the following content guidelines for the benefit of all our users:

  • Be Clear and Concise:

We will soon have a linkable dictionary of terms available for your use on BoC -because the use of niche terminology is often unavoidable when explaining new and, sometimes, complex topics to uninformed users- to help you be as clear and concise as possible when describing what your project does, and how it accomplishes it.

  • Solely Informative Content:

Only content that informs the users about the project i.e. what it is, what it does, its products, partnerships, and how it works; are permitted. Content covering the team working on the project is permitted, but you MUST link to a source that verifies their authenticity i.e. Linkedin. If there is no verifiable way of linking a team member and their stated skill set to your project then they should not be mentioned. Importantly, a project’s advisors, and other information ancillary to a project's operational parameters are currently not permitted.

  • No Promotional Content:

BoC’s aim is to provide unbiased, informative content to the user and, in doing so, equal opportunity for all projects (which is why we randomize search results). This means no advertising or promotional content, which includes: no mention of token sale dates, initial offerings of any kind, or the inclusion of when collections, or other items with a cost or value basis will be released. Release dates of services or protocol update dates are permitted as informative if they are not promotional.

  • No Promotional Language:

For the same purposes as defined above, promotional language is not allowed and is defined as, but not limited to, the language mentioned below: Qualitative terminology for example: “fantastic”, “passionate”, “extraordinary”, “better”, “great”; similar terms, and synonyms thereof. Superlative terminology i.e. “best”, “greatest”, “longest”, “fastest”, etc. Such words are, especially at this early stage of Cardano, entirely unquantifiable. “First”, “The Original”, “New”, and derivatives thereof are also considered promotional language as they are in no way informative about the subject.

  • No Slander or Comparisons:

A project’s page should be about that project and that project alone. It should not compare them to their perceived competitors or make comments, be they good, bad, or neutral, about said competitors.

Please use common sense when interpreting these guidelines. We recognize that you are intelligent people and we hope that you recognize our goal in wanting to do best by our users.

By posting your project with Built on Cardano you are also permitting us, the overseers of this community resource, to claim your project from you and make changes to the content so that it fits within these guidelines. We encourage you to approach us to ask us why and to claim your project back so that you can continue to keep the material on your page up-to-date and relevant for the user when they discover your project.

A few housekeeping things:

  • Products:

Products are for an umbrella company or brand that provides more than one service or product. Ideally, products should have 1 line descriptions, with the full product description being embedded in the markdown segment of the umbrella company or brand’s page. They are not for multiples of the same thing i.e. NFT collections released in series 1, 2, 3, 4….