What is Built on Cardano?
BoC (as we friendlily refer to it) is a public information source. It is an unbiased and easy to navigate map of the projects and tools of the Cardano ecosystem that is designed to foster learning and discovery. This definition will undoubtedly evolve as BoC, the ecosystem, and the Cardano Blockchain evolve.
What is BoC’s goal?
Good question, the more we work and the deeper down the Cardano rabbit hole we travel the more the answer to this question evolves. Currently the answer is:
To provide users with impartial information through a lens unadulterated by marketing speak, superlatives, and paid for content. Alongside this informational and educational content more advanced users will also be able to find the data points they need to understand the ecosystem and individual projects.
What makes BoC different?
Firstly, we believe that we are the first to try to collate and distill down, into easily consumable pages, everything that makes up, and is being developed in, the Cardano ecosystem. So in that case we're not only different, we’re unique!
Secondly, we are attempting to do this without a bias toward any particular project, developer, or any other facet of the Cardano-verse or crypto-verse, a combination of which, all too often, can influence a project’s words and portrayal.
Thirdly, our information and the way we display it is designed to be transparent and digestible, and is specifically aimed at not scaring away anyone who is new to the space; rather, we want to promote curiosity, exploration, and discovery in the Cardano-verse. This is why search results are alway randomized.
Who are you?
We are a small group of Cardano advocates who saw a widening gap between a growing ecosystem and the availability of unbiased and organized information on all the exciting things being developed in the space. We decided a solution was needed and set about creating one.
Can I contribute to Build on Cardano?
Absolutely! We’re on the lookout for high quality writers to join our team as we believe there is no one voice for everything and that the more diverse the voices we have the more complete our platform will be. There are three ways community members can contribute to Built on Cardano.
If you’ve found a project that we haven’t listed on our platform please feel free to add it yourself here: https://builtoncardano.com/create
We have developed the ability for community members to add their own writeups to projects already listed on our platform. Simply head to the projects page and click the “Add Viewpoint” link to get started!
In our Discord we have dedicated channels: *New Projects*, *New Partnerships*, *New Audit*, *Project Updates*, and one to *Report a Scam*; where community members can submit information regard Cardano projects and dApps for us to use to update and add to our listing on Built on Cardano.
I’ve found incorrect or out-of-dated information. What should I do?
Firstly, Thank you! Whilst we strive to keep Built on Cardano as up-to-date as possible it is inevitable that, in an ecosystem that is evolving and growing so rapidly, some data will be missing, incorrect, or out-dated. If you find the information on Built on Cardano to be insufficient, incorrect, or outdated then please post it in the *Project Updates* channel in our Discord.
The information found on Built on Cardano does not constitute financial or investment advice and should never be treated as such.
Whilst we strive to keep Built on Cardano as up-to-date as possible it is invariable that, in an ecosystem that is evolving and growing so rapidly, some data will be missing or inaccurate. If you find the information on Built on Cardano to be insufficient, incorrect, or outdated then feel free to contact us through twitter @cardanobuilt to inform us of what you have found.
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