Cardano DeFi

  • DEX

    • Genius Yield

      A non-custodial, CLMM DEX and smart liquidity manager that can optimize yields across multiple exchanges.

      Genius Yield, Cardano DeFi.
      Genius Yield
    • WingRiders

      An AMM based DEX on Cardano.

      WingRiders, Cardano DeFi.
    • SundaeSwap

      Decentralized exchange and automated liquidity provision protocol built on the Cardano blockchain.

      SundaeSwap, Cardano DeFi.
    • MilkySwap

      A DEX on the EVM compatible Milkomeda sidechain. Enabling users to trade their ADA for tokens from the Ethereum blockchain.

      MilkySwap, Cardano DeFi.
    • Minswap

      An AMM DEX featuring multiple, algorithmically different, liquidity pools for the same token pairs.

      Minswap, Cardano DeFi.
    • BynetDEX

      An order book style DEX allowing users to create Liquidity Orders to mine commission for facilitating swaps.

      BynetDEX, Cardano DeFi.
    • AdaSwap

      A AMM based DEX also featuring a launchpad, an NFT marketplace, and “stake and forget” liquidity pools featuring unique rewards.

      AdaSwap, Cardano DeFi.
    • Cardax

      An Automated Market Maker, AMM, style DEX on the EVM-based sidechain Milkomeda.

      Cardax, Cardano DeFi.
    • Bashoswap

      Multi Protocol Decentralised Exchange on Cardano.

      Bashoswap, Cardano DeFi.
    • DOEX

      AMM-based decentralized exchange for assets that are native to the Cardano Blockchain.

      DOEX, Cardano DeFi.
    • MuesliSwap

      A decentralized order book style DEX supporting limit orders, swaps, and token staking. MuseliSwap is live on Cardano and the Milkomeda C1 sidechain.

      MuesliSwap, Cardano DeFi.
    • Cardance Swap

      Swap, earn, stack yields, lend, borrow, leverage all on one decentralized, community driven platform.

      Cardance Swap, Cardano DeFi.
      Cardance Swap
    • MetaDEX

      A Pareto-optimal DEX utilizing multiple unique pool concepts, with optimal trade pool distribution, and optional impermanent loss insurance. (Formerly MIRQUR).

      MetaDEX, Cardano DeFi.
    • ADAX

      An AMM based DEX, featuring an ERC20 converter, where all swap fees are split between the taker and the maker of the trade. Also featuring a CEX.

      ADAX, Cardano DeFi.
    • DeFIRE

      A DEX aggregator that accepts limit and market orders, routing those orders through multiple DEXs to optimize every aspect of a trade.

      DeFIRE, Cardano DeFi.
    • OccamX

      An Automated Market Maker, AMM, DEX running on the Milkomeda sidechain.

      OccamX, Cardano DeFi.
    • Matrix Labs

      A leverage trading DEX supported by perpetual contracts in a virtual-AMM protocol. Matrix Labs is currently on 7 blockchain, launching Cardano support in 2022.

      Matrix Labs, Cardano DeFi.
      Matrix Labs
    • Scam

      Right here, amongst real projects, lies this Cardano scam. It looks just like the others; it might be one of them. How do you know this isn’t a real project?

      Scam, Cardano DeFi.
    • Spectrum

      Combining both CLMM and order book styles into a DEX that operates across both the Ergo and Cardano blockchains.

      Spectrum, Cardano DeFi.

      A progressive DEX for the Cardano Ecosystem, merging next-generation DEX capabilities with NFTfi.

      CSWAP DEX, Cardano DeFi.
    • Symbiosis

      A Cross-Chain Engine and Liquidity Protocol linked to Milkomeda C1.

      Symbiosis, Cardano DeFi.
    • SweetDAO

      A community owned decentralized exchange supported by protocol owned liquidity.

      SweetDAO, Cardano DeFi.
    • Axo

      A financial protocol that allows for programable swaps and aims to add synthetics and many more functionalities as development continues.

      Axo, Cardano DeFi.
  • Launchpad & Accelerator

    • Cardashift

      A community-run launchpad that raises funds, builds and accelerates startups that are solving social and environmental issues.

      Cardashift, Cardano DeFi.
    • GADA

      A permissionless and community-governed launchpad for Cardano based projects and ideas.

      GADA, Cardano DeFi.
    • Astarter

      A launchpad and accelerator for projects building on Cardano, also featuring a DEX, a decentralized lending and borrowing, and a technical support platform.

      Astarter, Cardano DeFi.
    • Cardence

      An IDO platform, offering token and funding vesting, that also acts as an incubator and accelerator for the projects that perform IDOs through it.

      Cardence, Cardano DeFi.
    • Kick

      A decentralized fundraising launchpad and project accelerator where token holders can earn rewards for endorsing projects.

      Kick, Cardano DeFi.
    • Snapbrillia

      Bring GitCoin to Cardano with quadratic fund matching to amplify trust and opportunities to build the future of open-source Cardano with Mentor-mentee bounties.

      Snapbrillia, Cardano DeFi.
    • CardStarter

      An insured, decentralized accelerator for the Cardano network designed to connect early stage innovators and projects with a community of donors.

      CardStarter, Cardano DeFi.
    • Vent Finance

      Community centric funding through IDOs on a multi-chain launchpad (requiring KYC) that encourages conversation between projects and would-be investors.

      Vent Finance, Cardano DeFi.
      Vent Finance
    • Genius X

      A business accelerator and launchpad for innovative start-ups on Cardano, backed by the Genius Yield team.

      Genius X, Cardano DeFi.
      Genius X
    • OccamRazer

      A launchpad for Cardano projects that runs IDOs on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

      OccamRazer, Cardano DeFi.
    • Token Allies

      Provides Businesses of all sizes the platform to get tokenized. All on Cardano. We will provide the platform to create, manage and sell business tokens.

      Token Allies, Cardano DeFi.
      Token Allies
    • Defipronto

      Insured IDO Launchpad & Accelerator For Cardano Projects

      Defipronto, Cardano DeFi.
    • Teiki

      Teiki is a decentralised crowdfunding protocol for innovation on Cardano.

      Teiki, Cardano DeFi.
    • Adaverse Accelerator

      An accelerator selecting projects that apply and offering them funds, mentorship, and infrastructure to scale Web3 solutions. Managed by EMURGO.

      Adaverse Accelerator, Cardano DeFi.
      Adaverse Accelerator
  • Lending Protocol

    • Paribus

      A cross-chain, collateralized loan platform aiming to help users unlock the liquidity locked in a wide variety of digital assets.

      Paribus, Cardano DeFi.
    • Revuto

      A subscription management and micro-lending and borrowing platform aiming to redefine their user's personal management of subscription services.

      Revuto, Cardano DeFi.
    • B58 Finance

      A mobile-based wallet with an integrated DeFi platform, aiming to increase Cardano adoption through the familiarity of the access point for the general public.

      B58 Finance, Cardano DeFi.
      B58 Finance
    • MELD

      Deposit crypto to use as collateral and receive a cash loan, deposited into any bank account in the world.

      MELD, Cardano DeFi.
    • Aada

      A decentralized, non-custodial crypto asset lending platform offering both over-collateralized and under-collateralized loan, and an ERC-20 converter.

      Aada, Cardano DeFi.
    • LiqwidX

      A decentralized borrowing protocol accepting ADA as deposits for over-collateralized loans issued as a stablecoin that is algorithmically pegged to USD.

      LiqwidX, Cardano DeFi.
    • Lending Pond

      A decentralized lending and borrowing platform where borrowers list Cardano NFTs as collateral for an ADA loan and lenders choose which loans they want to fund.

      Lending Pond, Cardano DeFi.
      Lending Pond
    • Liqwid

      An open source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for interest rate curves based on lender supply and borrower demand of the underlying Cardano native asset.

      Liqwid, Cardano DeFi.
    • Fluid Tokens

      A peer-to-peer lending protocol where borrowers set the terms and front their Cardano NFT as collateral for an ADA loan. Lender then choose which loan to fund.

      Fluid Tokens, Cardano DeFi.
      Fluid Tokens
    • ADALend

      A lending protocol of single currency pools with an unlimited borrowing duration and fluctuating interest rates based on loan length and pool utilization rate.

      ADALend, Cardano DeFi.
    • is a pioneer in decentralized asset lending on Cardano, allowing enthusiasts to take full advantage of lending and borrowing opportunities., Cardano DeFi.
    • Yamfore

      A crypto backed loan platform with no liquidation events, no interest payments, and indefinite loan periods. Fundamentally long on the price of ada.

      Yamfore, Cardano DeFi.
    • Kulfi Finance

      A decentralized lending and borrowing platform for Cardano native tokens. Borrowers pay a fixed interest rate, lenders receive a fixed rate for depositing funds

      Kulfi Finance, Cardano DeFi.
      Kulfi Finance
    • Flac Finance

      A lending protocol where users can borrow fiat against their crypto and stablecoin assets. Initially targeting the Indian market.

      Flac Finance, Cardano DeFi.
      Flac Finance
  • Investment Management

    • Blueshift

      Blueshift is a highly efficient automated market maker and liquidity management platform that has reinvented DeFi

      Blueshift, Cardano DeFi.
    • Optim Finance

      Numerous financial strategy based and smart contract managed pools allow users to optimize their yield potential from whitelisted Cardano defi protocols.

      Optim Finance, Cardano DeFi.
      Optim Finance
    • VyFi (Vy Finance)

      Multiple investment avenues in one platform. Offering an investment managing AI “neural net” for beginners, and total investment control for advanced users.

      VyFi (Vy Finance), Cardano DeFi.
      VyFi (Vy Finance)
    • Ledgity

      A digital wealth management ecosystem connecting IFAs with clients and asset managers. Bringing asset tokenization and investment opportunities to the masses.

      Ledgity, Cardano DeFi.
    • Kezex Token

      Kezex (KZX) token, a decentralized finance and multichain innovation. Built on the robust Binance Smart Chain using the BEP-20 standard, it's the best crypto to

      Kezex Token, Cardano DeFi.
      Kezex Token
    • Lemuria Finance

      An auto-compounding yield optimizer for DeFi protocols on the Milkomeda C1 sidechain.

      Lemuria Finance, Cardano DeFi.
      Lemuria Finance
    • MAYZ

      A cross-chain portfolio management protocol operating around the creation and use of user created and funded, crypto based indexes.

      MAYZ, Cardano DeFi.
  • Housing & Property

    • Empowa

      Decentralized, green property development platform targeting the African market. Harnessing the power of global community to empower people on the ground.

      Empowa, Cardano DeFi.
    • GoKey

      Helping everyday people access the wealth building benefits of home ownership.

      GoKey, Cardano DeFi.
    • Kirkstone

      Our mission statement is to significantly reduce the cost of renting for all. In addition, our aim is to make a substantial impact on the homeless community.

      Kirkstone, Cardano DeFi.
    • Landano

      A land registration dApp providing proof-of-fact ownership through legally-binding title deeds registered on Cardano.

      Landano, Cardano DeFi.
    • Reitcircles

      A protocol being built on Cardano Blockchain network to serve the real world needs to identify, verify and trade real estate globally

      Reitcircles, Cardano DeFi.
    • Commonlands

      Community Driven Land Registry

      Commonlands, Cardano DeFi.
  • Stablecoin

    • Djed

      An algorithmic, crypto-backed stablecoin, run by a smart contract that acts like an autonomous bank. Developed by IOG and Emurgo and issued by COTI.

      Djed, Cardano DeFi.
    • AdaDao

      A DeFi protocol on Cardano blockchain which facilitates the creation of fully collateralized stable coins leveraging Native Cardano Assets.

      AdaDao, Cardano DeFi.
    • Anzens

      Anzens is a platform created & operated by EMURGO, one of Cardano's founding entity, that enables Cardano Community to tokenize real-world assets.

      Anzens, Cardano DeFi.
    • Anzens

      Anzens is a platform created & operated by EMURGO, one of Cardano's founding entity, that enables Cardano Community to tokenize real-world assets.

      Anzens, Cardano DeFi.
    • Mehen

      Cardano native stablecoin backed 1:1 by US-dollar-denominated assets. Earnings from these assets will be used to fund projects building the future of Cardano.

      Mehen, Cardano DeFi.
  • Asset Tokenization

    • MintMatrix

      Digital id issuance, real world asset tokenization, & smart contracts for leasing, amortization, bonding, shared ownership, custom financial instrumentation.

      MintMatrix, Cardano DeFi.
    • Theos

      A decentralized, NFT based economy utilizing the intrinsic properties of NFTs to provide instant valuations and transform them into instant liquidity.

      Theos, Cardano DeFi.
    • Shareslake

      An open by default blockchain-based stock market that rewards companies for each transaction of their shares and does not charge investors.

      Shareslake, Cardano DeFi.
    • Indigo

      Through the over collateralized minting of, fungible “iAssets”, a.k.a. synthetics, Indigo wants to level the playing field of the financial world.

      Indigo, Cardano DeFi.
    • RepoLedge

      We recommend atleast 500 words. This is your opportunity to speak to our audiance. You will always be able to edit your content. View examples of styles below o

      RepoLedge, Cardano DeFi.
  • Organizations

    • Ray Network

      Developers of an open sourced DeFi ecosystem, tools for developers, and user tools on the Cardano blockchain.

      Ray Network, Cardano DeFi.
      Ray Network

      A suite of DeFi protocols featuring a sidechain DEX, an Ethereum based Launchpad, and an accelerator., Cardano DeFi.
    • Byron Network

      An ecosystem of of DeFi dApps and user tools built on Cardano, being designed for multichain operation.

      Byron Network, Cardano DeFi.
      Byron Network
    • COTI

      A block-less payment solution for creating your own payment network. Issuing payment and DeFi solutions for Cardano.

      COTI, Cardano DeFi.
    • Cardano DeFi Alliance

      A consortium of DeFi projects with the goal of standardizing Plutus and Cardano best practices within the DeFi world.

      Cardano DeFi Alliance, Cardano DeFi.
      Cardano DeFi Alliance
  • Store Of Value

    • CETF

      CETF is the Cardano Native Governance Token for the CETF Hybrid DAO and its Asset Pools

      CETF, Cardano DeFi.
    • CETF

      CETF is the Cardano Native Governance Token for the CETF Hybrid DAO and its Asset Pools

      CETF, Cardano DeFi.
    • FibonacciADA

      Natures cryptocurrency. A sequence made from gold, built on Cardano, that store of value with integrity. Governed by our community.

      FibonacciADA, Cardano DeFi.
    • Cardano Gold

      A purported store of value on Cardano where 60% of the token's supply is "mined" by holding one of their NFTs.

      Cardano Gold, Cardano DeFi.
      Cardano Gold
  • P2P Swap

    • Atomic Swap

      Enabling peer-to-peer trading on Cardano. Trade multiple tokens and NFTs with another users for multiple tokens and NFTs without smart contracts or a 3rd party.

      Atomic Swap, Cardano DeFi.
      Atomic Swap
    • Trading Tent

      Peer-to-peer, non-custodial trades for all forms of Cardano native assets: FTs, NFTs, and ADA. Completed through a multi-signature process.

      Trading Tent, Cardano DeFi.
      Trading Tent
  • Cross Chain Assets

    • anetaBTC

      A non-custodial, on-chain Bitcoin wrapping service for the Cardano and Ergo networks. Built on Ergo.

      anetaBTC, Cardano DeFi.
    • MicroChains

      A custodial, cross-chain platform operating across multiple chain. Utilizing a 3rd party to store user deposited assets.

      MicroChains, Cardano DeFi.
  • Insurance

    • Ensuro

      Utilizing liquidity pools Ensuro creates opportunities for investors, insurers, and insurees; by underwriting unique, pre-specified payout insurance contracts.

      Ensuro, Cardano DeFi.
  • Private Transaction

    • Cardano Mixer

      A decentralized protocol that breaks the link between the sender and receiver of assets on Cardano.

      Cardano Mixer, Cardano DeFi.
      Cardano Mixer

Here are all the Cardano DeFi projects complete with descriptions and tags. If you’re looking for a Cardano DeFi exchange, a lending protocol, a launchpad, a Cardano stablecoin, or platforms on which to tokenize real world assets then you’ve come to the right place. The Cardano DeFi ecosystem is maturing and, as it does, we will continue to list the new Cardano DeFi projects here. If you look at Cardano in 5 years this list will be substantially different, some projects will have left it, but many many more will have been added.

If you’re looking to simply swap Cardano native tokens then a Cardano DEX is your best choice. If you’re looking to utilize your crypto holdings for a loan then take a look at all the Cardano lending and borrowing platforms on offer and choose which one fits your needs. There is much more utility in the Cardano DeFi world and we invite you to explore it here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cardano DeFi Alliance?

The Cardano DeFi Alliance is a consortium of Cardano DeFi projects with the collective goal of standardizing best practices within the Cardano DeFi world. They also focus on creating DeFi standards in the Cardano smart contracting language, Plutus. Learn more about the Cardano DeFi Alliance here.

What is DeFi?

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance, and utilizes smart contracts to automate financial services and instruments that traditionally require a middleman.

DeFi enables a globally accessible financial system, without the entry requirements demanded by traditional -also known as centralized- financial services; a new system without borders or traditional barriers of entry. DeFi allows people with small amounts of excess capital to “become the bank” and deposit their funds into a protocol to provide liquidity and generate returns in the form of yields from the financial activities conducted on that protocol.

What is the ada Coin?

Ada is the native currency of the Cardano blockchain and the most paired asset on any Cardano DeFi exchange, for example Sundaeswap. This native token is used for staking on the Cardano network, can be used to purchase NFTs, and can also be used as liquidity, to earn rewards, in many Cardano DeFi projects.

What are the best Cardano DeFi Projects?

depending on who you ask you’ll always get a different answer, but the best Cardano DeFi project is the one that services your needs and has the parameters and fee systems that you are happy to use. The most popular Cardano DeFi project with the highest liquidity might not be for you, so always make sure to look at what other options are available in the Cardano DeFI ecosystem before you commit to using a platform.

Can Cardano be used for DeFi?

As you can see from the growing list of Cardano DeFi projects on this page, Cardano has a wide and varied DeFi ecosystem with lots of participants. Cardano DeFi projects include: multiple DEXs, asset management platforms, decentralized lending and borrowing platforms, housing projects, as well as launchpads and accelerators.