A DEX aggregating on-chain oracles, for accurate pricing, alongside multiple, algorithmically different, liquidity pools for the same token pairs.

LPs can choose to provide liquidity to the pool that will net them the highest returns. MinSwap also employs an automated yield farm strategy, which helps LPs to rebalance the liquidity they provided into the most efficient pools.

As a multi-pool DEX MinSwap offers four different types of pools:  

  • Constant Product pools 
  • Stable pools
  • Multi-asset pools
  • Dynamic pools

More can be added in time through community voting.  

Optimized for Trades and Yields

One pair of trading assets will have multiple pools associated with it, ideally one of each of the above types. A trade gets routed through all the available pools to find the pool yielding the highest returns for the LPs. Trades can also be broken down into smaller parts and processed through multiple pools to optimize returns.  

On-Chain Price Oracle

MinSwap aggregates the price of asset pairs across multiple pools to provide the most accurate price to the trader.


LPs are rewarded in MIN tokens which can be used for governance i.e. voting on protocol improvement proposals. Staking MIN tokens provides the staker with xMIN tokens through which they receive a percentage of trading fees and other economic activities of the platform.

Trading fees are yet to be announced, but it is said that all trading fees will go to the LPs of the platform. MinSwap is going to incorporate an ERC-20 converter and will host wrapped tokens from other chains utilizing third part cross-chain bridges and wrapping services. In the future MinSwap plans to support Initial DEX Offerings, IDOs, and Initial Farm Offerings, IFOs.