An AMM based DEX on Cardano.

WingRiders is an Automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) on top of the Cardano eUTxO model on the main chain. The project is powered by VacuumLabs, one of the most widely respected developers in the Cardano space from its inception.

WingRiders aim is to be an infrastructure element of the whole Cardano ecosystem, easy to integrate into any wallet or dApp, and accessible via many platforms, supporting connectors and HW wallets.

WingRiders' goal is to be fully decentralized and trustless, supporting the swaps between cardano native tokens. Plans exceed the AMM, L1 and Cardano itself. More information at

Current status

WingRiders is already LIVE on testnet. With the example of a seamless first of many integrations to a wallet. This first wallet is a new product from Adalite called NuFi (being used already on mainnet) Swapping & liquidity pools are fully functional. Mainnet Launch: Q1 2022.

Powered by Vacuumlabs

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