A decentralized fundraising launchpad and project accelerator where token holders can earn rewards for endorsing projects.

The Kick platform enables projects to receive funding through IDOs. Projects are vetted by “well-informed investors, as well as the platform’s due diligence team” before their propositions are accepted and released to users.

The platform charges each project a 7.5% fee for using the platform, taken from the funding they raise in ADA. This is distributed as so:

  • 2.5% to the platform
  • 5% is split between endorsing investors proportional to their KICK token holdings

Funds raised through the Kick platform are distributed directly to the projects and tokens purchased by investors are sent directly to their wallets.

Endorsing Projects

Holders of KICK tokens can delegate their tokens to endorse a project on the platform. Tokens are deposited into the platform and users then selects how many they want to use to endorse a particular project (they can split their tokens across multiple projects if they wish) and then the process is complete with a few clicks.

These tokens are then locked during the particular project's ICO/IDO and as soon as the sale is finished the users tokens are released.

The 5% of the fees that are distributed amongst endorsers are distributed with each transaction that is conducted in the ICO/IDO. This means that when someone makes an IDO purchase the endorsers immediately receive their pro-rata reward. These rewards are paid in ADA and are deposited into the users KICK account and are not subject to the same locking period as their endorsement tokens. Meaning they can be withdrawn or used at any time.


KICK token holders can stake their tokens to one of numerous, locked stake pools on the site. Anyone staking 20,000 tokens will receive early access to project launches. Users receive rewards for staking but there vary by pool and by how long you want to stake for:

  • 14% APR (0 months tokens locked)
  • 18% APR (3 months tokens locked)
  • 24% APR (6 months tokens locked)

Future plans for the Kick platform include a cross-chain bridge to BSC and Ethereum, a new staking mechanism, and the launch of a “light version” DEX.

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