A suite of DeFi solutions including: a decentralized funding platform i.e. a launchpad, a DEX, and cross-chain bridge.

The Occam.fi ecosystem has three core elements which each prop each other up and, whilst they can be used separately, they function together at a high level.

It is worth noting that until the release of smart contracts on the Cardano mainnet Occam.fi will be running on Ethereum.


Occam.fi and the Occam.fi ecosystem is currently centrally managed by a non-profit organization called the Occam Association. It oversees the fair use and growth of the ecosystem, and is also exploring DAO structures to help include the community in Occam.fi’s governance.




The launchpad, a protocol for decentralized funding. This is done through hosting IDOs on the Occam DEX, OccamX. There are a variety of ways in which a project can choose to execute its IDO through OccamRazer, some are widely used, but some only exist on Occam.fi.

These IDOs are facilitated through both private and public pools; public pools require no staking or KYC, whilst private pools require both. Private pools have a tiered structure with higher tiers requiring the staking of larger amounts of OCC, and members of each level receiving different benefits and limitations. It is up to each individual project whether they fund through both private and public pools or just private pools.

Users who stake 150OCC of more for a set amount of time, typically 7 days, before an IDO can receive Continuous Ecosystem Diversification (CED) rewards. The platform purchases tokens from the IDO and then distributes them, pro-rata, to the qualifying OCC stakers; even if they didn’t actually participate in the IDO.



A DEX with a cross chain bridge between Cardano and Ethereum allowing the wrapping and unwrapping of tokens on both networks, fostering greater interoperability.



an incubator designed to take early-stage Cardano projects from ideation through to launch.

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MELD logoOccam.Fi & MELD

A strategic partnership which allows users to use MELD's lending, borrowing, and AMM functionalities with OCC tokens. Users will be able to stake their crypto on the MELD platform and borrow OCC tokens. Occam.Fi will support MELD's stablecoins and other wrapped assets for performing swaps on the OccamX DEX. Both platforms with provide liquidity for their their own token on the other platform, increasing the depth of liquidity pools.

MELD wallet will be integrated with the Occam.fi ecosystem.

A joint research group will also be created to tackle the development of oracle infrastructure for Cardano DeFi and to explore turning credit market positions of $OCC on the MELDapp into NFTs for the secondary market.

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