An Automated Market Maker, AMM, DEX running on the Milkomeda sidechain.

The OccamX DEX uses an Automated Market Maker, AMM, protocol and exists on the Milkomeda sidechain, enabling users to swap between tokens that exist on Ethereum, Cardano, and other chains. Users can provide liquidity to the DEX and receive liquidity tokens, that represent their liquidity deposit, in return.

The OccamX DEX is branded as those it was produced by its parent company, Occam.fi, but it was actually built by a team incubated by the Occam.fi platform.

Users of the OccamX DEX can fine tune their slippage tolerance and set a transaction deadline for their transaction, meaning that they can limit their potential loses to a range they're comfortable with.

A Governance Token

Governance of the platform is decentralized and decisions are made by holders of the OCX token, of which the team gets 20% of the total supply. The OCX token can only be obtained by participating in the Occam.fi ecosystem, and this includes by staking to an ISPO, providing liquidity (on Binance Smart Chain), staking to Uniswap, or providing liquidity to the DEX. Note that most of these activities require you to hold and use the Occam.fi ecosystem's token, OCC.

Identifying Asset Sources

The OccamX DEX uses prefixes to identify which blockchain bridge a token comes from. For example, a DAI token from the Nomad bridge is displayed as nomadDAI, and from the Multichain bridge it is displayed as multiDAI. This method of displaying tokens is used OccamX but may not be used in another platform.

OccamX does not make the fee amounts for users of the DEX available.

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