Digital id issuance, real world asset tokenization, & smart contracts for leasing, amortization, bonding, shared ownership, custom financial instrumentation.


MintMatrix enables you to seamlessly transform physical assets into the digital realm, unlocking their full value. We empower you to:

  • Issue Digital IDs and securely access decentralized financial services.
  • Tokenize Real-World Assets to create digital twins that can be traded, leveraged, and managed more efficiently.
  • Deploy tokens into Smart Contracts to unleash a new arsenal of financial products.

About our Platform

Digital IDs

Digital ID tokens are issued, managed, or requested for clients at: This is a required component of the platform to stay compliant with regulations and help eliminate potential fraud. Digital IDs can enable a user to handle real world assets.

Asset Tokenization

On our main platform, we offer a few tools for composing digital assets (minting NFTs). Templates are available to help you curate digital assets. Sending documents to the block

Smart Contracts

Once an asset is tokenized, we offer a powerful array of codified financial instrumentation to help extend the utility of the asset. If you wish create an organization around an asset, or share its ownership, you can lock it into a treasury and fractionalize it. If you want to sell large value asset to a peer, you can set up an amortized transfer, earning interest as the buyer pays in installments. And just as the banks do, if you want instant liquidity, you can then sell the rights to the revenue stream to someone will to pay wholesale or bundle it into bonds. The possibilities are limitless, don't hesitate to let us know if you'd like a bespoke smart contract solution.

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