Lemuria Finance

An auto-compounding yield optimizer for DeFi protocols on the Milkomeda C1 sidechain.

The Lemuria Finance yield optimizer protocol uses smart contracts to automatically compound a user's rewards for them. This maximize's a token holder's yields as they provide liquidity to the many DeFi protocols on Milkomeda C1.

The team at Lemuria create unique smart contracts that are associated with an asset pair on a particular Milkomeda DeFi platform. These contracts are tailored to the protocol and assets they are associated with, in order to optimize the yields from that particular pool on that particular platform.

A user's deposit in the platform is represented by IVAULT tokens that are distributed to them when they deposit their assets into a Lemuira yield optimizer contract.

Lemuria charges a fee for using their protocol, however, this fee is already baked into the APY displayed on the Lemuria Finance homepage. Meaning that what you see is what you get!

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