Cardance Swap

Swap, earn, stack yields, lend, borrow, leverage all on one decentralized, community driven platform.

Cardance Swap is a centralized and decentralized exchange built for the Cardano blockchain. With it it is possible to provide liquidity for people to exchange native tokens, in return for providing liquidity they earn a fee paid on each swap.

In addition, through an order book it is possible to execute transactions even partially according to an innovative exchange process on exchanges, decreasing the payment of fees and giving swappers an increasingly better average price. This whitepaper aims to show an initial product modeled following the main market standards and with several innovative adaptations for the Cardano blockchain.

Cardance aims to solidify the position that will undoubtedly be one of the main pillars of Cardano, ease and popularization of its use for the community. More information at


The Cardano network has been gifted to the DANCE token. It will encourage Cardance Swap improvements, given that 60% of the tokens are being distributed to the community that will actively use the platform. Adding to this, we have solid liquidity design, with decentralized investors constantly supporting us, bringing trust and stability to strategic planning

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