Teiki is a decentralised crowdfunding protocol for innovation on Cardano.


The Cardano ecosystem has much room for development and certainly needs more builders. With Cardano’s Proof-of-Stake, ADA stakers reap a reward every five days at a 4–6% APY. However, the majority of ADA staked on Cardano is not used to develop the ecosystem. At the same time, innovative projects find it hard to raise funds during the bear market.

What can we do about this?


Teiki is a decentralized crowdfunding protocol initially built on Cardano and IPFS. The protocol has high degrees of decentralization and low transaction fees. We utilize Cardano’s liquid staking to build a novel subscription model, where backers stake ADA at Teiki smart contracts to generate rewards for project creators.

Teiki integrates numerous AI to reduce friction for creators and backers. Our content moderation AI removes the need for registration and KYC. The generative models and writing assistance help creators start a project in days. The process usually takes weeks on platforms like Kickstarter. KYC alone needs 3–7 days. For backers, Teiki summarizes and recommends content to improve the browsing experience. We also have podcast generation, OCR, and much more in the future.

Projects launching on Teiki must meet specific requirements prohibiting scams, impersonation, political activities, NSFW content, and more. The development team first sets the rules before decentralizing the process to on-chain voting in later generations. Teiki encourages creators to update progress regularly and stay close to their community. More information will be detailed in our Creator’s Handbook once published.

At Teiki, we pursue decentralization. The creators fully control the delegation of their backers’ staked ADA. Nevertheless, to reduce friction, creators can delegate the task to Teiki, who is committed to delegating ADA to single stake pools. In summary, we are building a future where holders stake ADA for innovation, and Teiki spreads staked ADA across single stake pools for decentralization.

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