Blueshift is a highly efficient automated market maker and liquidity management platform that has reinvented DeFi

Blueshift is a new capital-efficient AMM digital exchange protocol based on decentralized liquidity portfolio management, providing low impermanent loss and low price slippage.

At the very core, Blueshift is a DEX, however, Blueshift is combined with a multitude of innovative mechanisms, hence it cannot be considered as solely a DEX.

Blueshift's novel functionalities include:

  • Single-token liquidity
  • Virtual pairs
  • Internal pricing oracles
  • Blueshift Reserve Model
  • Community managed liquidity portfolios and liquidity portfolio managers
  • Controllable minting schedule of the BLUES token

These novel functionalities translate into broader areas of benefits that can be summarized by:

  • An enhanced user experience and improved convenience

  • Superior security

  • Higher capital efficiency and effectiveness.

In numbers, these areas of benefit translate to:

  • Price slippage reduced by 2-10x
  • Impermanent loss reduced by up to 10x
  • APRs of 60-75%
  • Zero or even negative fees for arbitrage operations

Additional benefits that are derived from Blueshift technology:

  • Cross-chain environment
  • Professional and automatic portfolio management
  • Controlled token burning process
  • Access to external protocols that generate APY for users
  • Integrated Farms and Yield Pools
  • Revenue generation from slippage for liquidity providers
  • Executing multi-token trades at the cost of a single transaction

Cross-Chain Integration

The key enabler of Blueshift is Milkomeda, a Layer-2 blockchain, which will allow users and Blueshift itself to tap into various opportunities in the future.

Users will be able to cross chains with ease and execute transactions at low fees on any EVM chain whilst not having to leave their own preferred chain. The emerging cross-chain environment will provide access to extended liquidity and enhance the scalability of the Blueshift ecosystem.

After Milkomeda, the Blueshift team will continue to integrate new EVM-compatible chains into the platform. Arbitrum, BSC, Avalanche, Solana. After the integration of Solana, other EVM-compatible chains will be considered and integrated as well.

Benefits for Blueshift ecosystem users


In addition to and beyond the industry benchmark of Smart Order Routers (SORs), Blueshift provides the following for traders:

  • Simplified trading and enhanced user experience
  • Lowest price slippage in the industry (2-10x lower)
  • Every possible swap pair between tokens in a portfolio
  • Zero fees for arbitrage operations

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers benefit from various innovations (e.g. single-sided token liquidity, virtual pairs, internal price oracles, Blueshift`s Reserved Model, DAO-based portfolio management) in the following ways:

  • Single-sided token liquidity provision, eliminating unnecessary swaps and pairs for enhanced simplicity and convenience
  • DAO-based portfolio management, allowing liquidity providers to benefit from professional traders (selected by the community) and the wisdom of the crowd (selection of tokens in portfolios)
  • Up to 10x lower impermanent loss, thereby removing one of the most significant financial barriers of DeFi`s mass adoption
  • Additional revenues from external protocols and every transaction in a portfolio for any (virtual) pair of tokens

BLUES holders

  • Controlled token mint and burn
  • Control of the protocol through decentralized governance which allows the community to vote on portfolio managers and the composition of portfolios
  • Additional revenues from yield pools with an unprecedented APR
  • Being part of a community pushing the boundaries of DeFi 2.0

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