A launchpad and accelerator for projects building on Cardano, also featuring a DEX, a decentralized lending and borrowing, and a technical support platform.

Astarter is partnered with Cardano's enterprise arm Emurgo and is building a launchpad platform that is aiming to help accelerate the adoption and accessibility of Cardano by helping projects building on Cardano come to market at greater speed.

To do this Astarter is operating a Lanuchpad, alongside a DEX, a Technical Support Platform, and a Money Market.


The Astarter Launchpad allows projects to raise capital from whitelisted investors through an IDO. The Astarter launchpad offers KYC integration for investors, with tiered offerings for those investors, along with governance voting.


ADEX is Astarter's decentralized exchange on which IDOs will be hosted. Besides that it is a standard, on-chain decentralized exchange that provides trading volume for its participants.

Technical Support Platform

It can be assumed that this is the accelerator offered to support project that are successful through the Astarter launchpad; although it isn't actually stated as so. The technical support platform is a “unified general data protocol” to provide consistency with the way off-chain data is being fed on-chain. Designed to offer resources to help projects facilitate a better user experience on Cardano including: the implementation of cross chain bridges, yield farming and smart contracts that can be generated at the touch of a button.

Money Market

Astarter's money market is a decentralized marketplace for borrowing and lending, Digital assets will be accepted as collateral for loans and a collateral-to-loan ratio needs to be kept by the borrower in order to avoid liquidation.

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