A digital wealth management ecosystem connecting IFAs with clients and asset managers. Bringing asset tokenization and investment opportunities to the masses.

Ledgity aims to revolutionize the financial world by opening up access to digital and digitized assets for both investors and independent financial advisors, IFAs. The platform will also break down investing barriers, giving people access to investment avenues that are usually reserved for professional investors.

Users will be able to onboard and access these financial instruments through a mobile app through which they can also communicate with their IFAs in a much more effective manner.


Users will need to compete KYC when onboarding and their KYC information will be hashed on-chain, meaning that it will be accessible in a secure manner and verifiable by other parties. This also means that users only need to complete KYC once.

The Ledgity platform will simplify complex investment opportunities like venture capital and real estate for users, providing them access to investing tools and opportunities usually reserved for professional, high level investors.


Ledgity aims to create a network of IFAs who can use the platform to interface with clients as well as asset managers. Utilizing a single platform to manage these connections allows IFAs to get the best assets price possible for their clients.

The Ledgity platform will also allow IFAs to provide their clients with access to digital assets, i.e. cryptocurrencies, allowing them to hold them as a regular part of their portfolio, viewable in the same place as their other assets.


Ledgity will allow users to tokenize real world assets, such as art and other low liquidity investments, bringing them on-chain, making them liquid, and facilitate their exchange in a P2P manner.

Users can use this to list and trade assets that are usually not listed in portfolios, such as shares in investment funds, private debt, and private equity. In order to facilitate the stable price of assets Ledgity will employee two stablecoins: a Euro stablecoin and a US Dollar stablecoin, purportedly those from IOHK.

What’s more, Ledgity plans to offer synthetic assets, mirroring the price real world assets. All of the aforementioned tokenized assets will be tradable on Ledgity’s DEX, managed in an automated market maker, AMM, fashion.

A Bank Card

Ledgity makes many hints to providing users with a “metal bank card” and a ""digital banking services" and says that it is easy for users to sign up for it in a few minutes. It is unclear if this card will be attached to an account with fiat cash funds or if it will be attached to their investments on the platform.

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