Vent Finance

Community centric, decentralized funding, encouraging conversation between projects and their potential investors whilst facilitating access to DeFi for all.

Vent Finance is trying to think differently about how to successfully launch projects in the crypto space. It’s community driven launchpad, VentUp is the first in a range of products designed to help crypto-startups gain funding and succeed in launching their business.

The launchpad, VentUp, is currently working on the Polygon chain and migration to Cardano is underway.

When they register users must complete KYC requirements, and projects have to complete KYB, Know Your Business, requirements also. By partnering with a decentralized insurance company Vent Finance will soon be offering optional investment insurance to their investors.


A crypto launchpad deigned foo allow investors to interact with projects before investing in them.

The vision behind VentUp is to encourage engagement between projects and their community of investors before any investment rounds begin, with the goal of increasing the chances of that project succeeding and meeting expectations.

Before conducting a token launch a project must first be accepted by the community. It is then reviewed by Vent Finance to ensure it meets their “Vent Quality Standards”.


Coming soon, VentCommerce is a marketplace where projects can transact securely with service providers to help their project succeed.

VentSwap DEX

To be released soon VentSwap is Vent Finance’s DEX.

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