Token Allies

Provides Businesses of all sizes the platform to get tokenized. All on Cardano. We will provide the platform to create, manage and sell business tokens.

Business tokenization

The problem

Although technology is advancing exponentially, it is still difficult for businesses to connect with investors from all around the world. It is true that the internet has helped to solve many of these issues, but we can even go a step further, introducing the blockchain. By using it we provide the chance for investors to invest in startups and businesses with cryptocurrency, making transitions easier for both groups, avoiding banks and other intermediaries.

The solution

We will give businesses the platform in which they can create, manage and sell their tokens. This platform will have several functions. Small and big investors can browse through lots of innovative ideas and choose to invest whatever amount of money they want by purchasing their tokens, which we will create for them.


Besides providing the platform for tokenization we will be providing a marketplace for all business tokens. Here investors will be able to buy and sell their tokens. And the best? We will be introducing a unique continuous funding system for businesses.

If you are interested in learning more you can check our website, or join our Telegram group!

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