Ray Network

Developers of an open sourced DeFi ecosystem, tools for developers, and user tools on the Cardano blockchain.

Ray Network is building and open sourcing a suite of DeFi products, developer tools, and user tools on the Cardano blockchain. The Ray Network have released a token that will have multiple uses throughout the dApps in their ecosystem, once most services are fully launched, and will also be used as a governance token.

All of the elements of this ecosystem can be viewed by clicking here.

The elements of the Ray Network ecosystem that are currently live are:

  • RayWallet - A light wallet for Cardano with in-app access to many of the tools developed by Ray Network.

  • Minterr - An NFT and fungible token minting service for Cardano. Also a real time NFT and token minting explorer.

  • RayStake - A staking tool where users can track their liquidity provider rewards, currently only available for certain pools featuring XRAY tokens, and earn a greater return, in XRAY tokens, by just holding their LP tokens in their wallet.

  • Cardano List - A list of projects building on Cardano curated by Ray Network. It hasn’t been updated since October 2021.

Current elements of the Ray Network ecosystem that are under development include:

  • RayGraph - GraphQL-based APIs to access historical blockchain data that has already been indexed.

  • RayPad - A launchpad for tokenizing creative projects to raise funds for their production.

  • RaySwap - An AMM DEX and Cardano DEX aggregator.

  • RayData - A B2B data storage and authorization solution to give people control of the information that gets shared about them and their life.

  • Cardano-web3.js - An SDK written in Javascript featuring multiple tools for developers.

  • Pigz.io - A metaverse project.

The Ray Foundation

The Ray Foundation is a non-profit foundation who guide the core governance of the Ray Network and contract those who work on it e.g. protocol maintainers.

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