Ray Network

A open source ecosystem for Cardano hosting a wide variety of applications and tools for newcomers and those looking to build and launch a project on Cardano.

Ray’s ecosystem is focused around the use of the XRAY Token, this is used in everything from governance, to their NFT marketplace. This token is live with other parts of their ecosystem, but neither will reach its full functionality until smart contracts are launched. The components of Ray Network’s ecosystem are as follows:

Ray Stake Pool

Ray operates a stake pool where they are currently conducting their Initial Stake Pool Offering, ISPO.


A marketplace for Cardano based NFTs.


A database of information about both the Ray and Cardano Networks.

Token List

A list of Cardano Native Tokens curated by Ray.


A JavaScript SDK for the Cardano blockchain; still in ALPHA.



Ray Wallet

A light wallet for Cardano, currently only available as a web wallet. Soon other versions will be launched including: a chrome extension, desktop apps, and mobile apps.


Ray Swap

A Decentralized Exchange, DEX


Ray Kickstart

A tool for tokenizing creative real-world projects such as services, products, film, music, games, design, etc. Ray Network will help the user tokenize their project through an IDO.


Ray GraphQL API

A GraphQL API that can be deployed to the blockchain to query and access historical data.


Ray Data

A protocol that standardizes information written in a blockchain. This data is then immutably stored for you to access and grant others read or write access.