An NFT and fungible token minting tool, served up alongside a token explorer and a live, visual, feed of the all the tokens minted in each block.

Minterr offers a simple and easy way for users to search tokens on the Cardano blockchain. Users can searfch by asset name, its fingerprint (unique asset ID number) or the policy ID it was minted under. They can then explore each of these further and view the NFT or fungible token associated with it.

A "Live Feed" tab contains just that, a live feed of all the tokens minted in each block on Cardano, both NFTs and FTs.

Minting NFTs and Tokens

The Minterr NFT minting tool provides users with a "session mnemonic". This is a 24 word phrase, like a wallet seed phrase, that allows users to access their policy ID again at a later date. Each policy ID is unique and has no timelock.

Users can mint NFTs using up to 30 different files, minting as many NFTs for each file as they wish. You can give each of these NFTs its own separate ticker, a name, and then designate the quantity of those NFTs that you want to mint. You can also add multiple metadata fields to each NFT.

Each NFT minted comes with the preset "publisher" metadata of "". However this can be unlocked and edited to the users own name, company or whatever they wish by simply ticking the "White Label" box and adding 1ADA to their transaction.

Minting fungible tokens is a much simpler process and requires just a Ticker, a Name and an Amount of tokens, users can also add metadata fields if they wish.

In the Minterr Discord there is a walk through document for "How to Mint an NFT". Created by a community member

Minter also features a "Top projects" section where users can send ADA to an address assigned to an NFT project and give it "votes". The projects that accumulate the most votes are listed on this page. It is not stated if the ADA goes to the NFT project itself or to Minterr and, thus, Ray Network, the creator of this tool.

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