Hardware Wallets

A list of devices that store user's private keys in cold storage. This provides an extra level of security for digital assets and is highly recommended.

Hardware wallets are just the hardware, they need to be used with compatible wallet software in order to store a user’s cryptocurrencies.

Hardware wallets are secured by a mnemonic seed phrase which aids recovery in the event of a lost, damaged, or broken wallet. Their extra level of security is derived from the fact that they’re not connected to the internet -known as air-gapped- and therefore no one can steal your private key, and your crypto, whilst you sleep. This air-gapped, not connected to the internet nature is why they are called cold storage. This is compared to exchange wallets, and others that are "hot" because they're always connected to the internet.

There are a variety of hardware wallet manufacturers on the market and the ones that are compatible with Cardano are:

Note that not all of the models released by these manufacturers may be compatible with Cardano. Furthermore:

Never buy a hardware wallet from a third party supplier. Always purchase it from the manufacturer to ensure authenticity of the product and that it has not been tampered with.

Hardware wallets might be a more secure way of storing your coins but it means that your coins are yours to lose.

Never let anyone read or copy your mnemonic seed phrase, and never create a digital copy of it; be that a text document or a photo.

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