A subscription management and micro-lending and borrowing platform aiming to redefine their user's personal management of subscription services.

Revuto consists of three different elements:

  • Revuto dApp The subscription management platform
  • REVU Cardano native token for governance and utility
  • Micro-lending and borrowing platform

Users who sign up for the free version pay a 4% fee on each transaction, whilst those who opt for the €12 per month subscription pay no transaction fees and receive 4% cash back on their transactions.

The dApp

Users manage their subscriptions from a single dashboard inside the Revuto dApp, approving, blocking, or snoozing subscription charges as they occur. To begin with, users can only pay using Revuto’s virtual debit card, which supports FIAT currencies, REVU tokens, and the Cardano Native EURR stablecoin.

If a user want to pay for their subscriptions in crypto they must download and use the proprietary Revuto Wallet. Through this, utilizing smart contracts, users will be able limit the amount of crypto they spend on subscriptions across a set period.

The REVU Token

REVU will be the only token that users can stake as collateral for micro-loans through the platform.

Users can also stake REVU to gain access to staking rewards and product benefits. In order to receive these users must commit to a minimum staking period of 6, 12, or 18 months.

Once the protocol is complete REVU token will be able to be staked and used for governance.

Micro-lending and Borrowing

Through Revuto users will have access to over-collateralized micro-loans which allow them to pay the subscriptions they have due without liquidating their REVU holdings i.e. they can still earn the staking rewards.

Loans requires a 2:1 ratio of over-collateralization i.e. stake €100 worth of REVU and receive 50 newly minted EURR stablecoin. Loans are payed back at a fixed 20% interest rate and once the tokens are paid back the user's collateral is released. If at any one point the staked collateral is insufficient to back the loan then the staked REVU tokens are liquidated.

Referral Program

Revuto also provides users with a customer acquisition incentive, paying them a percentage of every subscription fee that a user they sign up to the service pays; for life.

Along with this, Revuto is offering NFTs to any user that stakes 2000+ REVU tokens for 6 months. Those who do this will be receive double the referral percentage.

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