is a pioneer in decentralized asset lending on Cardano, allowing enthusiasts to take full advantage of lending and borrowing opportunities. offers low-cost financing to borrowers in need of liquid loans, allowing them to borrow without the need to liquidate their crypto assets; lenders can earn a substantial interest rate for meeting the liquidity needs of others.

The whole process consists of 2 parties engaging in decentralized way:

  1. The lenders, who can lend their liquid crypto assets in return for an interest rate
  2. The borrowers, who put up collateral (crypto funds/ NFTs) to secure a loan

The collateral serves as a guarantee - the lender is always safe in the thought that were anything to go wrong, the collateral will serve as a form of compensation.

The ecosystem functions similarly to P2P lending. Lenders and borrowers are connected via platform. Lenders can allocate their crypto assets at custom rates. Borrowers can take out a loan for a margin trading or for personal use - with a commitment to repay the borrowed cryptocurrency at the agreed upon interest rate.

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Project's development

  • V1 will create a completely new NFT-based market segment, enabling the use of NFT in acquiring loans;
  • V2 will facilitate the introductions of fractional lending, enabling orders to be split between multiple users;
  • V3 will introduce a lending pool model, pivoting away from the traditional peer-to-peer lending model

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