A AMM based DEX also featuring a launchpad, an NFT marketplace, and “stake and forget” liquidity pools feature unique rewards.

The AdaSwap DEX operates on a simple automated market maker, AMM, algorithm. On their DEX AdaSwap are promoting what they call a “Free Financial Model” where swaps which involve the platforms native token are subject to no platform fees. This is designed to encourage, and potentially artificially inflate, use and adoption of the platform and its native token.

A launchpad

Little information currently exists about AdaSwap’s launchpad and how it will work. It is said that they will “protect the community through secure listing” where they verify multiple elements of a project; however the method of this verification is yet to be released.

NFT Marketplace

There are plans for an NFT marketplace to be built into the AdaSwap app and platform. To kickstart it AdaSwap will launch their own series of Graffiti NFTs.

“Stake and Forget” Stake pools

On the AdaSwap platform users can stake select tokens to select pools that are called as “stake and forget” pools. For staking to these pools users will receive the same rewards as other liquidity providers on the platform. In addition to these standard rewards stakers who stake to these pools will also receive airdrops of tokens from projects launching on the AdaSwap launchpad.

Projects launching from AdaSwap’s launchpad have to pay a fee to use the service. This fee is paid in the launching project's native tokens. This fee is then airdropped to the stakers in the “stake and forget” pools. To become eligible for these airdrops "stake and forget" stakers must first meet a minimum staking period in these liquidity pools.

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AdaSwap & VyFi (Vy Finance)

Each platform will host a liquidity farm/pool on for the other project on their own platform. VyFi’s native token will also be included in AdaSwap’s “stake and forget” pools.

VyFi (Vy Finance) logoVyFi (Vy Finance) logo

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