A DEX managed by an Extended Automated Market Maker, EAMM, facilitating token pair creation without the need for large access to capital.

This protocol allows token issuers to create new pairs without the need for large amounts of capital to serve as collateral against slippage and impermanent loss. To do this it gives the pricing power to the takers when new pairs are created. This is an option available to the creator of the new trading pair.


Cardax charges a 0.35% fee for swapping tokens. 0.30% is split by the liquidity providers, proportional to their contributions to the liquidity reserve, and is paid in Cardax’s utility token, CDX. The other 0.05% of the fees is sent to Cardax’s treasury.


The treasury fund will be managed by the Cardax DAO through use of the CDX governance tokens. Handing over control to the users of how the Cardax Treasury funds should be allocated.

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