Cardano DeFi Alliance

A consortium of DeFi projects with the goal of standardizing Plutus and Cardano best practices within the DeFi world.

The Cardano DeFi Alliance, CDA, is aiming to:

  • Build standards for Plutus and DeFi dApp protocols
  • Develop open-source projects and tooling
  • Focus on issues of transparency and roadmaps
  • Develop Plutus protocol security infrastructure
  • Focus on building audible protocols and frameworks
  • Compile reasearch about DeFi and Cardano for composability

The alliance offers a framework to Plutus protocol development teams who wish to collaborate around key issues and their strategic development.

Members of the CDA are asked to participate in the CDA with a spirit of openness, collaboration, and cooperative competitiveness.

Membership of the CDA is open to any and all Cardano DeFi projects. New and innovative DeFi projects are encouraged to join.

Membership applications will be reviewed to assess their appropriateness for inclusion.

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