Genius Yield

A non-custodial, CLMM DEX and smart liquidity manager that can optimize yields across multiple exchanges.

Genius Yield bases their protocol on Uniswap V3, a Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (CLMM), where users choose their risk exposure by selecting a price range within which they want to offer liquidity.

Genius yield then takes the user's stake and the information they provided and invests their stake it in the most appropriate protocol for staking that asset. But, If they wish, users can manage their own liquidity staking instead.

The platform also offers an auto-compounding feature meaning that a users interest is automatically reinvested in the protocol.

Regarding how the platform functions: “Several techniques” and “advanced” and “complex, well-defined algorithms” are hinted to multiple times in the 40 page whitepaper, yet no attempt is made to explain them to the reader. Instead on page 26 it is stated that:

"Different applications or third parties will manage all investment algorithms and strategies, custody, and smart contracts."

Flexible Fee Structure

On their DEX, Genius Yield offers liquidity providers, LPs, 3 separate fee tiers charged to swappers for the pairs they provide to the platform. These fee tiers are:

  • 0.05%
  • 0.3%
  • 1%

Highly correlated pairs are low risk for LPs and, therefore, are fitted to the lowest, 0.05% fee level.

Stable pairs will run with 0.3% fees and the 1% fee is saved for “exotic non-correlated pairs”.

Liquidity as NFT

When an LP provides X amount of liquidity to the Y - Z price range in a pool that liquidity pool contribution is unique. Genius Yield provides users with an NFT representation of their unique stake. This means that a users liquidity position is tradable whilst still locked in the platform. When someone buys this NFT they can redeem it for the deposited assets and the interest they has accrued during their time on the platform.

Genius Academy

A learning platform for users of all levels of experience with trading, decentralized market, and liquidity. Offering information and videos for both new and advanced users.

GENS Tokens

A Cardano native token and the native token of the Genius protocol. GENS tokens are:

  • Required to open an account on the platform
  • Used for earning and optimizing yields
  • Staked and held to allows users to create and vote on governance proposals for the platform
  • Held to receive a portion of 20% of all the platforms transaction fees

Users can pay fees on the platform in either the tokens they're exchanging, in a 50/50 split, or in GENS tokens.

Genius yield will provide a wallet that has a direct fiat on-ramp for users.

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