Duelist King

A blockchain agnostic, decentralized, NFT card game with a focus on community involvement. Join Little John in his quest to find the Dualist King’s Holy Chest.

The Dualist King game exists to be played and enjoyed, but the secondary purpose for its existence is to showcase the capabilities of the DKDAO. The DKDAO is a toolkit, built by the creators of Dualist King, of easy to deploy solutions designed to help democratize the distribution of games and the issuing of their related digital assets.

Dualist King is blockchain agnostic and works on any chain that is EVM compatible, currently this means BSC, TRON, Polygon, and the soon to be compatible Cardano blockchain.

Dualist King uses an “in-house” DAO, oracle, and random number generator, from the DKDAO, to transparently manage in-game asset distribution and the evolution of the game. All decisions made regarding card issuance, card distribution and proceeds allocation are governed by these decentralized mechanisms and a tool is going to be made to allow the community to verify the fairness of this.

Being decentralized makes community central to the game’s success and the creators have tried to involve them in every aspect of the game. Community members who are artistically inclined can produce cards for the game, and there are incentives for all stakeholders, from players to investors.

All smart contracts, including the DAO, will be open sourced and available on Github.


Dualist King is a win-to-earn game and winners of battles will be rewarded with cards, in-game points or artifacts. Once a duel is won a card will be dropped to the winner. The card will be covered and sealed. Players will have to spend DKT, the game’s native token, to uncover the card. They then have to pay a higher amount of DKT to unseal the card. This means they can then add it to their deck or trade it on the market.


Staking the game’s native token, DKT, is essential to the DAO which governs the game. Stakers get multiple benefits, including:

  • Receiving a portion of the Duelist King Revenue Pool
  • Discounted “mystery boxes” that contain cards
  • Being able to vote on proposals that determine the future of the project
  • Being able to propose proposals for voting

Token holder will also be entered into a lottery to win a unique 1-of-a-kind NFT. The probability of winning a lottery is proportional to the amount of DKT staked and the length of the period it has been staked for; with larger and longer giving the staker a greater chance of winning.

A free2play mode means that players who don’t possess cards will also b able to play the game.

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