CryptoPetz is an Axie Infinity and Pokemon inspired, community driven, tournament style RPG game.

Featuring in-game rewards and ADA rewards when staking with PETZ pool.

Epoch 1 CryptoPetz NFT COLLECTIONS

The first collection of 10,000 unique CryptoPetz distributed amongst 150 unique species. They will be playable characters in the tournament style RPG.

Epoch 1 Token Collection NFT COLLECTIONS

Petz Tokens are used to enhance the capabilities of individual Petz. Attribute Tokens are used to enhance your Petz attributes (HP, Attack, Defense, Dexterity, Speed, and Stamina). They come in 4 grades: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Obsidian. The higher the grade of the token, the more rare. The first 3 grades (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) boost 1 attribute at a time and increase in effect from Bronze to Gold. The rarest grade, Obsidian, boosts 2 attributes at once, with each boost having an effect equivalent to a Silver token. Each Petz has an Attribute Slots characteristic, which is the number of Attribute Tokens that can be applied to the Petz at any given time. Tokens can be applied to Petz and removed from Petz as frequently as a player would like.

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