Cardano Warriors

Set on the islands of Cardânia, the splintered remain's of a chaos containing, meteor struck planet, Cardano Warriors is an old-school, in-browser RPG.

The Story Begins So…

After being struck by a meteor in which an organic Creature of Chaos was imprisoned by crystals the land of Cardânia is now splintered into islands. The natives survived the impact and are still forging a living for themselves. Some have found fragments of the crystals that imprisoned the creature, which give them fantastic abilities (called magic by the natives).

The creature, now free from its prison and the crystals that were keeping its life force under control, seeks to fulfill its insatiable appetite for energy and to consume all life before it. But the ambient light causes it to be weak and it had to hide in darkness, scavenging and preying on the life it finds there.

“In order for calmness to be maintained in Cardânia's Islands, adventurers must look for rare resources, forge items, and explore dark places to become the Legendary Warrior, who, according to the prophecy, will have the power to maintain peace in Cardania."

To do this players must progress through the game, collecting resources from each of the fragmented islands and themed dungeons, and fight monsters to collect elements all to manufacture and trade weapons, armor, and different items with each other. The players will collect keys to the Tower of Destiny along the way and there they will complete challenges in order to keep the Creature of Chaos sealed and defend the title of Legendary Warrior.

The plot of the Cardano Warriors story is a set of scenarios, characters and actions taken by players throughout their journey in the game. This main plot has been designed to allow developers to introduce new episodes and improve the continuation of the game, improve the player’s interaction with it and other players, as well as allowing players to broaden their in-game experience. Player can work together or alone to accomplish the goal of getting to the Tower of Destiny and becoming the Legendary Warrior of Cardânia.

Characters stat with nothing, unless the player is the holder of one of the Warrior NFTs which means their character will start equipped with the items, armor, and other attributes the NFT lends to the character.

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