A play-to-earn, learn-to-earn, and build-to-earn MMORPG located in the ever expanding metaverse of 'The Island', featuring: themed zones, mini games, and NFTs.

Cornucopias Games Studio is developing a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, MMORPG, blockchain game called ‘The Island’. ‘The Island’ is a metaverse in which players can:

  • Play-to-Earn: Players can play to earn the Cornucopias token.
  • Learn-to-Earn: The game’s creators have partnered with education centers to bring gamified learning to the metaverse, where “students” will complete educational mini-games to earn rewards.
  • Build-to-Earn: Players can build (code) in-game items and the blueprints for those items and sell them to other players, who by them using the in-game, Cornucopias token.

The player will explore the metaverse through a 3rd person viewpoint and ‘The Island’ metaverse will be available across multiple platforms: PC, web browser, games consoles, mobile phones, and smart TVs. Players will own their assets as NFTs, and these will be tradable both inside and outside the game, with some even being rentable to other players.

Initially the game is being developed in a cloud service before eventually being moved to a distributed node network. These nodes will be voluntarily hosted and hosts will be incentivized by daily hosting rewards.

Game Layout

‘The Island’ is made up of multiple themed zones. At the center of ‘The Island’ is a pre-built city where players can own and rent both residential and commercial property and interact with other players in “real life equivalent” buildings e.g. shops, museums, showrooms, education centers.

Outside of this city are themed commercial zones like the Wild West zone, Farm Life zone, and the Age of Samurai zone. These zones offer themed mini-games that, once played, will reward the player with cryptocurrency and other in-game rewards.

Outside of these themed commercial zones are themed residential zones. Players can purchase land here and do what they want with it: build their own custom property, grow a garden, grow crops, rent out their property to other players, and more!

As the game evolves and user-ship rises the game map will grow and new cities, commercial zones, and residential zones will become available. However there will be a finite number of land plots and zones that can ever be owned.



Every player starts with a human character who’s features they can customize as much as they like, changing them every day if they want to. They start with an outfit but players can buy or earn Cornucopius NFT based outfits with which to dress their players.

By linking their wallet player will be able to use, or have represented, other Cardano NFTs in the metaverse; if they’re compatible with the metaverse. What’s more, in the future, it is possible that NFT characters -if they’re compatible with the metaverse- will be able to be imported from other games to be used in the Cornucopias metaverse; with no additional purchase cost to the player.


Characters will require energy to perform tasks, such as playing mini-games. Once their energy is depleted they will not be able to play any more mini-games until the player either recoups their energy naturally, uses an ‘Energy Boost’, consumers something, i.e. food, to replenish their energy, or receives a reward within the game that refreshes all or a part of their energy.

XP Points

For completing tasks, mini-games and attaining milestones player will be rewarded with XP (experience points). for every 1 million points earned a player will receive a new badge for their character and for every 10 million points earned the player will receive a new outfit for their character.

Non-Player Characters

There will be non-player characters in the game, some will be interactive offering challenges, in-game education and the like, whilst other non-player characters will just be present so players aren’t wandering around in a seemingly empty metaverse.


A mount is a rideable creature that can be used to traverse the meta-verse much faster than on foot. Some will be able to run, some can fly, some can swim; some might even even a mixture of these traits? Each player can earned 1 mount freely through the completion of an in-game task or challenge.

Multiplayer Functionality

The game can be played either solo or together, and players will be able to perform tasks and challenges either together or against each other. Multiplayer elements will evolve further as the game is developed.

In-game NFT Economy

Most everything from land to characters, to furniture, outfits and event tickets will be represented by NFTs. These can be bought and sold freely between players. These can be traded in-game or through 3rd party blockchain-based NFT marketplaces. NFTs don’t always have to be bought and some can also be earned by completing mini-games.

Crafting Materials

Players can craft items in the game using crafting materials that they find, loot, purchase, salvage, or craft from other materials. When these materials are used to craft an item they are burnt from the players wallet, and are not useable in the game again.

In-game blueprint show players what an item looks like and what crafting materials they need to craft said item. Players can design and create their own items and mint an “Island Blueprint" that other players can then buy to use to craft a new Cornucopius NFT. These can range from simple items like axes and bicycles, to apartment blocks, neighborhoods or even cities.

Utility Token

COPI will be the Cornucopius token that will also be transferable outside of the game. This token is not required to play the game and acts as a medium of exchange within the game. There are no rewards or incentives for holding these coins and players will occasionally be rewarded with coins for completing tasks, mini-games, and achieving in-game milestones.

Coins can be staked. Not for governance or network security but to play-to-earn or to access exclusive areas of the game. Higher staking amounts provide access to more levels and more character levels; where players can explore and obtain specific items for in-game consumption or trading with other players. Stakers will receive rewards in the form of both COPI coins and NFTs.


Holders of NFT land, NFT property, and Cornucopias token coins will be able to vote on governance factors in the game. Decisions will be made by a majority vote. Voting will take place within the Town Hall located in one or many of the zones and cities. ‘The Island’ council will evolve into a decentralized government, which will have a voice on every part of the game, from fees to new development.

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