A game set on the Archipelago Adalantica, where all the animals (NFTs) have escaped from the zoo on Byron Isle.

Players roam this fictional landscape and attempt to capture the escaped animals and build their XP in preparation for more animals, battles, and the expansion of the game and its functionalities.

This game is yet to be launched, and full functionality will not be implemented from the get-go. The game’s map will expand as the storyline and the game develop as new islands are added; the addition of new islands brings new elements to the game. There are two types of tokens available in the game:

LACIE Tokens

These are the NFTs that represent the animals that escaped from the Zoo; the event that sets the game’s story in motion. Ownership of one of these NFTs is required to participate in the game. A user needs to battle or capture animals to gain XP, which is needed to level up and enhance their character. Whenever a LACIE is captured and added to a users collection it is minted as a unique NFT.

10,000 “GEN1” LACIE tokens were minted and sold at pre-sale to early supporters of the project.

LAND tokens

These are also NFTs, and each token represents the ownership of a plot of land in the game’s world. The owner of a plot of LAND will earn rewards every time a LACIE token, i.e. animal, is captured within its borders.

1,000 LAND were minted in the presale and this is all there is until a new island opens up on the game’s map.

Not everyone can just start playing ADAZOO. The barrier to entry is the ownership of at least 1 LACIE token. That means a new user needs to buy a LACIE token from a current player in order to gain access to the game.

The game will be open early to holders of the LACIE tokens, to roam and play but they won’t be allowed to capture LACIE. LAND tokens will have no function until the official launch of the game.

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