Far beyond an NFT collection, Mocossi will soon be a "Play and Earn" virtual pet game and farming simulation game on Cardano Blockchain.

Mocossi Planet game incorporates both virtual pet and farming simulation elements. The starting point for players is to raise and bond with their Mocomons. Strongly bonded relationships will be rewarded with ‘mood points’ that can be used to farm and deliver products.

Mocomon holders have several benefits that increase with time as the game develops.

  1. Play and earn features. As both ITO1 and ITO2 characters are playable, they can be imported into the game to play and earn (once it is ready to play).

  2. Participation in DAO. As a member of Mocossi’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), players determine the game's future through voting.

  3. $MCOS airdrops and staking. All ITO1 and ITO2 holders will be airdropped certain amounts of $MCOS if they keep their ITO1 and ITO2s at the time of the snapshot. $MCOS token airdrops and staking mechanisms are designed so that ITO holders will receive more tokens than ITO2 holders will.

  4. Whitelist. First on the whitelist for land sales were wallets with ITOs. After all slots for ITO1 had been filled, wallets with the most ITO2 were considered. Public sales for non-ITO holders then followed. The land drop of 10,000 parcels has now concluded and we do not estimate a future drop soon.

  5. Voting. There will be 50,000 ITO2 born through breeding. When half of the number of ITO2s are generated, owners can vote to add the breeding feature to ITO2 (currently, only ITO1 can breed). The creation of the third generation of ITOs will be our first significant governance decision together!

Additionally, ITO holders are entitled to the following exclusive benefits that are not available to ITO2 holders:

  1. Enjoy early access to the game. When our minimum viable product is released, the game will be available to randomly selected owners so they can test it and receive rewards.

  2. Purchase properties and lands at a discount. These are features that can boost Mocomons’ moods and prepare them for future quests (including those in core game features and monthly challenges). Additionally, a high level of mood allows the Mocomons to earn more rewards.

  3. Level skipping. ITO1 can skip levels when they start the game based on how many times they breed. Therefore, they can earn sooner than those who breed less or never.

Landowners enjoy the following benefits:

  1. All other assets come together with land. Each Mocossi land that you purchase is equipped with additional facilities: a house and assets including an amusement park, farm, mine, pond, plants, cattle, and trees.
  2. Lands are upgradable. Although all assets come with lands, certain features will be locked until players reach a certain level in the game.
  3. One land can store up to four Mocomons. Currently, a parcel can hold a maximum of four Mocomons (ITO1 and ITO2). In the next phase of the game, the storage can be upgraded to store more Mocomons
  4. Lands will be associated with a raid feature in the next phase (reserved for future development).
  5. Land parcels can be accompanied by players' profile pictures.
  6. There is an opportunity to participate in activities in the World Center (reserved for future development).
  7. Lands are leasable properties. Players can always choose to lease their lands to earn a commission based on the income of players who rent the lands.
  8. Lands are associated with daily tasks to earn Moshi.

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