A play-to-earn, battle RPG game featuring equip-able NFT planets and multiple game modes.

Players in the PlanetPalz world need at least one planet NFT, of which there are 12,000, in order to play the game. The game is playable across all devices and developers actively take suggestions and feedback from the community regarding gameplay and in-game functionality.

There are 9 planets, the eight of our solar system and then you can’t leave Pluto out, again. (He’s actually the strongest) Each planet has its own related element and unique special attack. Rare planets, those furthest out from the sun in the solar system, have stronger “base stat multipliers”. All planets can be equipped with accessories that give them unique skills and competitive advantages.

Game Modes

  • 1v1 - Casual mode. This consists of turn based battle and can be played offline. Players can “set their own risk” i.e. stake their native tokens against each other on the outcome of the battle.

  • 5v5 - League mode. A high risk high reward, realtime solar system battle. These require active strategies.

  • Guild Play - Users can create, join, and battle with guild. Guilds control regions of space and the goal is to obtain and hold as much territory as possible, earning passive rewards as you do so.

There is a built in marketplace for trading planets for both DUST and ADA.

Galaxy DUST

DUST is the game’s native token and it is needed to trade, feed (strengthen), and upgrade a player’s planets. DUST is earned through numerous activities including:

  • Selling or renting planets
  • Spinning the Dust wheel
  • Winning planet battles
  • Completing daily and weekly tasks
  • Successfully referring new players

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