On the Ada discworld four races battle with each other, using NFT trading cards, to be the first to put together the Goguen Stone and become the ruler of Ada.

Once Upon a Time…

Ona D’rac, the source of all creation, was lonely and to solve this it created the 3 spheres and the discworld Ada. The three spheres were connected to Ada by strong chains and this all floats through space orbiting Aton, the eternal bonfire of the creator that provides light and warmth to Ada.

The three spheres, called siblings, were formed from Ada’s womb and they’re called the Red, the Blue-Gray, and the Green, but in some parts of the Ada discworld they’ve been given other names like Basho, Mari, and Plutus. These spheres keep the balance of the discworld and prevent the so called netherworlds, the other side of the disc, from taking power.

Chaos reigned at the time of creation but Ona D’rac formed the laws of order and burnt them into the Gougen Stone. They then buried that stone deep in the heart of Ada; thus creating order. Ona D’rac created creatures to populate the world but for intelligent life it created “knots” in the fabric of space for this intelligent life to travel through. It called these knots “sloops”.

  • First through the sloops came dwarves, who mined the gold -from Ada and built great cities under her mountains.

  • Next came the elves who loved life and protected and lived in the forests.

  • After that came the humans. They were great warriors who chose the plains and sea as their home.

  • Ona D’rac gave these three tribes each one of the three siblings, the three spheres. Peace then reigned far and wide over Ada.

Then the mighty magicians came in search of the Wand of Power. Their greed and lust in their hunt for power brought death and suffering to those that had been living peacefully on Ada.

When the Goguen Stone was found, and its significance uncovered, a great war broke out between the four tribes, with each tribe wanting to own the Goguen Stone.

In the face of imminent worldwide destruction the four elders of the tribes came together and agreed a peace. In the process they split the Goguen Stone into four fragments. The era that arose from this treaty has since become known as The Great Peace.

Dividing the Goguen Stone solved the tribe’s war but, with the Goguen Stone being where the laws of order were, literally, written in stone, the chaos those laws controlled began to creep into the world of Ada.

Unnatural creatures gradually entered the world and the Devourer of Worlds woke from his eternal sleep. Over time the Devourer had become know as Morgeroth the Doubter and it fed on the chaos creeping into Ada.

During this time an old written tradition emerged:

”Whoever put together the Goguen Stone shall be the ruler of Ada alone!”

Players use their NFT trading cards, represent different members of the tribe they’ve chosen to join, to battle each other and try to be the first one to put together the Goguen Stone. There are to be three stages of game development:

  • 1st Web and Mobile based, player vs player and player vs environment, fast paced duel mode.
  • 2nd Tactical gameplay in a 3D world. Slower paced with lootable crafting items, a progression in character leveling, clan points and territory claiming.
  • 3rd Strategic round based game modes dubbed “skirmish battle mode” which brings together all game modes and makes the whole game more “clan bases”.

The first element of development is slated for release by the end of 2021 and the second and third stages of development will be completed in 2022.

AdaQuest offers an extensive “how to purchase” guide for their NFT cards and provide links to content detailing “how to buy ADA”, “what is Cardano/ADA?”, and “What is an NFT?”.

Once purchased these cards can be traded like other NFTs, but AdaQuest is developing a dedicated market on their site where fans and users of the platform can securely trade the cards between them.

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