A trading card puzzle game where the cards (NFTs) represent real world cities. These can be collected, traded, and used to complete puzzles to earn rarer cards.

Cardacity is a trading card puzzle game designed around the cities of planet earth. These cards (NFTs) are hexagonal in shape and each one represents a certain city and contains the stats of said city: it’s country, continent, whether or not it’s a capital city, it’s population, and it’s latitude and longitude.

There is not only one card for each city, there are multiple. But each city has its own rarity status: uncommon, common, or rare. For instance, capital cities will fall into the rare category and, therefore, will be harder to find. Cards can be bought in packs, much like physical trading cards can be, and there will be the chance to purchase special, “limited-time-offer” packs at random times, each with its own prescribed bonus.

The game element of Cardacity is in the puzzles. Certain city cards will be required to complete each hexagonal puzzle with rewards ranging from rare cards to commemorative cards featuring limited edition artwork. These puzzles could be designed to coincide with special events, such as the Olympics or the Football World Cup. These events, and the changing variety of puzzles creates a dynamic market where not only the rare cards are highly valued. Instead card value is predicted to fluctuate with the demand of the varying puzzles which are live on the game at any one time.

The game will work by connecting your wallet containing your cards through your web browser or the mobile app. All of this is to be controlled via smart contract, with cards being minted and destroyed as packs are bought and puzzles are completed.

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