Enhance your token collection experience with Splash, a Cardano-based arcade. Play for tokens and NFTs, boost rewards by holding our Dawg NFTs.

Games, Utilities & NFT Collections

Play games, support creators, win NFTs, and earn tokens. Splash has a variety of games and utilities that make collecting fun.


NFT Flipper

Support creators, win NFTs, and earn tokens every time you flip.



Stake your ADA with creative stake pools on Cardano and get rewarded with additional token boosts.

NFT Recycler

The world's first NFT recycler where you can rid your wallet of unwanted NFTs in exchange for fungible tokens.

NFT Collections

An NFT Collector's Best Friend

Dawg gives you access to a world of cool benefits and reward boosters from games like Flipper or utilities like Recycler, and Booster for being loyal holders. As we build out more games and utilities, these benefits will just keep getting better.

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