Dracards is a TCG (Trading Card Game) on Cardano network that features its own Metaverse.

Dracards is a TCG (Trading Card Game) NFT Play to Earn conceived and created by players who love card games and technology. The Dracards company main goal is to structure an economic ecosystem and an active community of collectors, players and investors. Based on an epic fantasy universe, each Dracards collection has a unique story accompanied by remarkable characters and plots.

The Cards can be acquired through booster packs, or traded and purchased on a NFT marketplace. In each booster pack there will be 5 assorted cards from the current season collection.

There are 5 types of card tiers in Dracards: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The rarer the card, the more powerful its performance on the battlefield on PvE and PvP.

Dracards Fire (FIRE) is a token for the Dracards Ecosystem. FIRE holders can claim rewards by staking their tokens, as well as playing the game and participating in votes to decide new elements to the game. Players can also earn FIRE by playing minigames and through an interactive platform that allows its own users.

Collect and trade NFT Cards with other players Buy and sell cards on a Marketplace Auction your cards Unique gameplay and farming mechanics PvP and PvE rewards.

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