Bears Club

A play-to-earn, “club simulation” NFT game where players create and customize their own clubs, and interact inside the game space.

The Story…

Extremely intelligent bears were spotted wandering the Earth but, aware to the dangers surrounding them, they built the first Bears Club inside the Cardano Forest where the coolest and most unique bears gathered around.

Game Play

Bears Club is a social, metaverse based game, set in the Cardano Forest where users come to interact. They can do so in unique, user curated clubs or in other spots in the Cardano Forest.

When a player sign up to the game an NFT Club is created for them. The Club will have progress, a “Club Score”, attached to it and can be sold just like any other NFT; however, anything the club is furnished with will not be transferred with its sale. Each player will be limited to managing one club, but they can sell theirs and get a new one.

A Bear NFT is not required to play the Bear Club game but owning one gives the player a jump start on creating their club. Each bear NFT will unlock a unique set of customization items for the owner to place around their own club. The amount of items a player can have in their club is limited but they can be moved around and swapped out as much as the club owner wants. The club owner can even add background music.

NFTs from outside the game can be placed in your club for viewing by visitors.

Players will be able to acquire assets with which to customize their club. This can be done by either holding an NFT baby bear or buying the assets with in-game currency. Building up their club and maintaining a good Club Score is how players succeed in the game. By actively managing their club a player also acquires in-game currency.

You can assign your bear NFT to be a staff member in your club and it will always be present in your club when others visit. NFT bears can also be worn as skins for moving around, and interacting in, the game environment.

If you don’t own a bear NFT you will start with a club and one common bear as a member of staff. The player will be able to furnish their club in the same way as bear NFT holders.

More common bears can be bought with an in-game currency. You can have up to 5 bears on your clubs staff.


There are 10,000 bears available and these bears can be breed to produce NFT baby bears.

Common bears just exist in the game and are not NFTs.

There is also a plan to create a Bears Club NFT Marketplace.

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