Stellar Hood

Stellar Hood is a highly tokenized scientifical webgame utilizing the first fully on-chain NFT on Cardano and introducing the project-interoperability concept.

Established in June 2021 Stellar Hood was initially created as a set of 6505 educable trading cards, which are based on real astronomical data. That means that every single Stellar Hood NFT card represents a real extrasolar planet or star that can be found in our stellar neighbourhood. You can compare your Stellar Hood card attributes like planet size, orbit or discovery date and others with information you can find in astronomical catalogues or just wikipedia. Besides of the educable character this project has also some very unique technical features:

Technology Pioneers

The first project to use the fully on-chain technology which was developed by TurboEgon, and which paved the way for all the other on-chain projects that followed. Furthermore, the Stellar Hood cards are interactive! You can rotate and zoom your 3d solar system and switch between the different planets to see their details.


As one of the first established gamificated projects Stellar Hood provides a full spectrum gamificated utility for its NFTs: Each element of the game (e.g. planets, stars, space-stations, starbases,modules, citizens …) are NFTs in your wallet, which grant you extensive management rights and in-game bonuses.

Project Interoperability

The Staller Hood browser game is also a platform for other NFT projects to showcase the project by exposing and distributing their NFTs or utility tokens in-game. There are different options for Stellar Hood players to interact with integrated projects, like harvesting projects tokens as in-game resources, using of projects citizen/creatures NFTs and their traits as space citizens in-game and visiting unique designed project space-stations.


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