Cardano Tales

A role-playing game, RPG, played in a web browser and set in a labyrinth of caves, The Dark BlockCave Maze, underneath the Free Kingdom.

Down in the Dark BlockCave Maze players can encounter foes, other players, and monsters. This Labyrinth of caves is connected to the Free Kingdom above by Scattered Nodes and in these worlds players can also encounter the familiar fantasy races of elves, dwarfs, mages, along with other well known fantasy beings.  

A player’s character, along with the weapons and magic objects collected and used by these characters, are tradable NFTs.


Currently 100 different characters, along with 1 hidden one, have been minted. Each character can have 1 of 10 different “Soul Flames” and each soul flame gives the character different stats and abilities.    

Weapons, Magic Objects, and Objects

Weapons and magic objects are used to enhance the powers and stats of the characters equipped with them and are used for fighting. There are other items out there, such as compasses, maps, and drivable machines, that are designed for easing the exploration of the Cardano Tales Universe.

These supplemental items are all collectible, and can be won through in-game activities, such as side-quests, and battles with other players.

A signed player version will be released first with a multiplayer version, where players can battle their wallets on-chain, released some time after the launch of smart contracts on Cardano.

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