Drunken Dragon: Inns and Quests

Own and managed your inn or tavern and host characters who sit, drink, merry-make, and wait in anticipation for the offer of quests.

Questing in Drunken Dragon requires the careful selection of party member to quest with in order to be successful. Traveling through quests in this land takes real time: hours, days, and weeks; and adventuring character will be exposed to the real sensations of fatigue, rationing, and fear. Stopping at other player's inns and consuming their goods can be a good idea.

Adventure means danger, and the adventurers’ fear level tells of how heavy the level of risk the user is taking. If an adventurer dies then the collectible is burned, but the user receives a commemorative tombstone in its place; featuring the same art. But this can only be placed in their Inn as a ghost, and is no longer able to venture out on quests.

However, for those adventurers that complete quests, fame, glory, and riches await! Some of the rarest collectibles only come from completing the most dangerous quests.

There are two games in Drunken Dragon: Inns and Quests.

The second part is the aforementioned Quests, the first part is a collectors game; the Inns. Users collect pixel-art furniture and build pixel-art taverns. Some furniture will add extra layers like crafting and trading, getting offers for more challenging quests, or playing mini games.

These inns exist in the Eternal Realm of Limitless Land. There will be limited lands of different types and the game will be sharded; where several copies of the world are create to allow more players to enter the game.

The creators of Drunken Dragon have no desire to tokenize or monetize the game in any respect; unless it at some point becomes apparent that such tokenization would be of benefit to all the game's players.

This is not a “pay-to-win” game it is a “play-to-earn” game where any player can earn the same or similar collectibles by playing as those that might choose to pay for them.

A feedback loop has been built into a multistage roadmap of “many steps”. At each step feedback is collected from the community and development is continued with this feedback in mind.

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